2 Recommended Treatments for having Twins

2 Recommended Treatments for having Twins

Having a pregnancy with twins naturally has a very low probability of conceiving, we are talking about that only 1 in 250 pregnancies are twins, which is why assisted reproduction treatments are currently used, which is enormously successful for these cases. They are very safe and controllable treatments, which have generated a very favorable reaction to their use and have become very popular for their results.

And it is that more and more, couples who decide to opt for these types of treatments, which we can find as the safest, most reliable and with high probabilities of success, would be the IVF or better known as in vitro fertilization and the artificial insemination , and among them we will explain and detail the reason for its great success.

Assisted reproduction method Vitro fertilization (IVF)

This assisted reproduction model is performed in laboratory , the specialists are in charge of making the ovum to be fertilized by the sperm in a laboratory dish, all under strict surveillance. The term in vitro was used which means "outside the body" and the other term Fertilization, which refers to the process of the sperm and its purpose of fertilizing the ovum.

The IVF process in general includes 5 essential steps

The first step

Known as superovulation, the mother is given certain drugs to increase the number of eggs.In general, a woman produces one egg per month, but through this treatment, she can produce several eggs. The process will take ultrasound to see how it evolves.

The second step

It is the removal of the ovum, for this, anesthesia is administered to prevent you from feeling any pain or discomfort, and through a minor surgery, using ultrasound as a guide, a very thin needle is inserted through the vagina, when it is in the ovaries it will suction the ovules.

The third step

It is fertilization, for this step only the best eggs will be chosen, and they will be placed together with the sperm, calling this process insemination, in case the specialist considers that it has little chance of fertilizing the egg, the specialist will put the sperm directly in the ovum.

For the fourth step

The culture of the embryo will be monitored, once the sperm fertilizes the egg, the embryo begins to form, a crucial stage, which will be constantly monitored, in just 5 days the embryo will take place.

In the fifth step

The embryo transfer is carried out, this is done in approximately 3 to 5 days after having fertilized the ovum, the procedure is carried out through a catheter, which will contain the embryos, the interesting thing is that specialists can place one or more eggs, depending on the desire and health of the patient, generating some type of twin pregnancy. Which must be under frequent visits to the specialist for everything to happen successfully.

Totally positive and favorable to achieve a twin pregnancy through IVF

Artificial insemination as a method of having twins.

Being another well-known method at this time, the artificial insemination process is about putting the sperm inside the woman's uterus, the sperm sample will be previously optimized, enhanced in the laboratory in order to increase the chances of pregnancy, on the other hand, the mother will hormonally create the best conditions to be successful in the process There are two conditions that considerably increase the fact that this process is linked to having twins and first by hormonally stimulating the woman, it produces more ovaries, which increases the possibility of pregnancy and on the other hand the sperm that they have in the laboratory are carefully chosen as they have the best quality, thus increasing the probability that several eggs will be fertilized.

The steps that are carried out during this treatment are reduced to 4 stages, which are:

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Training and semen extraction
  • Ovulation
  • Insemination.

Also being favorable to achieve a twin pregnancy through insemination.

But you must always bear in mind that in order to have the best results, you have to have the most prepared and trained specialists who can help you and guide you in this great step, and that is achieved at the Celagem clinic, which also has the necessary high technology to carry out all these processes with total caution and results.

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