Let nothing keep you from having a baby. Price is not everything.

What will the price be?

It is normal for us to feel worries, fears and uncertainty when starting fertility treatment. These feelings always arise when we are faced with unknown things. You ask how: Will I be able to get pregnant? How will the doctors treat me? and above all, how much will the process cost? they are very frequent in our patients.

On @Celagem We understand your reality, our main mission is to help you fulfill your dream of forming a family, that is why we do not want the price to be an impediment to being happy.

It is no secret to anyone that fertility treatments can have high costs due to all that it entails. However, it is also true that the reward deserves everything. At Celagem we have been committed for 10 years to the dreams of thousands of patients and in all this time we have been able to find the balance between the excellence of our treatments and their price.

We rely on the different aspects of our patient care protocol. The first of them and one of the most important is that we consider that the prices are competitive and each added expense is justified. It should be noted that in Celagem there are no fixed prices because each case is unique. Each patient requires a different test, the number of cycles is not the same for all couples and although we have a team of specialists trained to implement the most advanced technologies, not all patients require it.

The price of the treatment will depend on the type of assisted reproductive technique that is used, either in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination , egg donation, among others.

For us, the treatment of our patients is the most important thing, that is why each treatment is carried out by our team of professionals with humanity. From the first call and the first visit to our clinic, the patient care team will open the doors to our Celagem family until you fulfill your dream or until you want, we are there for you. Our medical team is characterized by empathy and excellence, from the laboratory in addition to creating life, they will be in constant communication with you, telling you how every day your dream is becoming a reality.

For their part, the nurses always get the best feeling, all our patients feel supported and tucked by their side. And that's how this Celagem family is, something that is priceless.

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