What are the steps to becoming an intentional parent?

After a series of questions and wishes shared between couples or in some cases, by individual decision (in case of wanting to form a single-parent family). The decision is made to go to a specialized agency. However, it is not the first step. There is a series of events that should preferably be scheduled and consulted, before starting surrogacy.

Steps to being an intentional parent

Many intentional parents are happy at the moment of integrating another member of the family, and it is certainly a desire and an intense joy, however it is an even more incredible moment for those parents who for some reason cannot gestate without external help. But before making the decision, they must verify that the couple applies to become intentional parents.

People or couples can go to a surrogacy agency:

  • Heterosexuals, who are unable to conceive a pregnancy, and have previously had unsuccessful attempts with other methods.
  • Homoparental couples.
  • Single Women.
  • Single men.

If the person or couple is on the list above, and successfully completes the previous tests to determine infertility, the health center must establish that another method or attempt is not advisable, so that the couple may opt for surrogacy.

For many people or couples, not being able to conceive can be considered a serious problem, it clearly affects heterosexual couples more and it tends to be more difficult to accept, it is best not to proceed with surrogacy until both are safe. Similarly, it is very common for agencies to initially conduct a psychological test to determine the mental health of the intended parents.

After making sure that the method suits your needs and desires, it is verified in which countries surrogacy can be practiced, either by national surrogacy (if they allow it) or international. This step can be understood as a varied result since there are different destinations and contracts.

The costs of the process are also very varied, adding to it the possible flights and temporary stays. All of the above must be evaluated by the intended parents, many surrogacy agencies estimate the total price, that way couples can organize with external preparations and reserve the money by planning it months in advance.

It should be noted that surrogacy processes have a success rate that varies from 85% to 95%, depending on the surrogacy agency. It is essential to be aware that not all cases are effective in the first session. Although failure is unlikely to occur, it is not an impossible factor. Intended parents should be prepared for these possible eventualities. Many times they are not estimated in the initial contract. And it will require a higher cost that they can overcome, if there is good planning.

After these preliminary steps, the couple goes to the surrogacy agency that gives them confidence and security. The process is thoroughly known and doubts are resolved, in this way the contract begins. These are mostly specialized to the couple and depending on their scope, so we take into consideration that it is a fundamental factor, to know the contract in advance.

The contract may include the previous examinations to ensure compatibility, as well as the inclusion of the medical center that will be in charge of IVF, the pregnant woman and the approval of granting the rights to the parents.

After the contract is signed, we proceed to the subsequent months that lead to the birth of the baby. Some parents feel that these months they will be excluded or denied being present, but it is the opposite, each step is known by the intending parents, and many decisions are under their consent.

If the intended parents are foreigners, they must prepare at least two trips. The first to sign the contract and resolve doubts. The second for the birth of the baby. In the months where they cannot be present, they will be informed of all the procedures and phases that require their consent.

The couple begins to define themselves as intentional parents from the first day they enter the surrogacy agency. The whole process makes them parents, and from that precise moment they begin to know everything that involves being parents and accommodating the child's stay at home.

After surrogacy, which culminates in the arrival of the baby. Intentional parents must verify all legal papers and possible records to recognize the child and not have eventualities on his return home. Among those that stand out the passport and the proof that the child has a genetic link with the intended parents.

Being in their country of origin or belonging to the same country where the surrogacy took place, the intending parents carry out a procedure such as adoption to have legal custody of the child.

All these steps can be set as follows:

1. Find out about the process and verify that they can opt for surrogacy.
2. Prepare with the possible options to be subrogated, which include the destination country, and the agency that provides the requirements already studied.
3. Sign the contract, where the pregnant woman with a high compatibility and the genetic material are chosen, in this way possible failures are reduced.

Four . The surrogacy agency contacts the medical center to perform in vitro fertilization. Remember that in Celagem it is a single, completely comprehensive process.
5.It is certified that the pregnancy test was positive and the months after the baby's birth are expected.
6.The legal processes of the child with their respective documentation are ready, and the couple can return home.

All of the steps outlined above are in their general form, and each has a breakdown that the agency must report. Taking surrogacy calmly and with a positive mind is the best advice that couples can put into practice during and after the arrival of the little one.

At the beginning it may seem complicated, but with the help of our agency Male a New Family that lightens the process, the intended future parents are getting closer and closer to forming a larger family, and continuing a genetic legacy. It is a great opportunity and to enjoy it with the hope that tomorrow they will be at home with the laughter and experiences that only a child can offer.

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