How to become a surrogate mother?

Currently, there is an increase of fertile women who want to know how to become a surrogate mother and decide to do so of their own free will, enroll in surrogacy and exercise the role of surrogate mother. However, the balance is always found in the demand of couples who need the Surrogate motherhood to build the family nucleus.

For the most part, homosexual couples are the ones with the greatest demand for the practice, being the only mechanism they possess to fulfill their dream with the possibility of transferring the genetic expression to the future baby. The role of the surrogate is a fundamental element that allows access to thousands of couples who want to live a new stage in their lives.

For a woman to become a surrogate mother, she must go through different tests and requirements that make her a candidate for the subsequent process, knowing each phase of the treatment that she must fully comply with and periodic reviews with the doctor in charge. It should be noted that it is not an option for all women who intend to belong to the program, quality of life, general health, age and physical condition, are some guidelines that are evaluated. .

State regulations also limit the possibility of becoming a surrogate mother , if this country does not allow it. Generally speaking, surrogacy is a complicated method and requires medical and legal bases to complete. If a woman decides to become a surrogate mother, the first element to consider is an agency that provides support and protection of her health.

Below we offer the mechanism that leads a woman to know how to become a surrogate mother:

  • Personal decision.
  • Make your wishes known to your close family.
  • Choosing a surrogacy agency.
  • Knowledge of each phase of treatment (Legal and medical).
  • Psychological and medical study that guarantee the health of the candidate.
  • Certificate proving a successful pregnancy in times past.
  • Profile approval.
  • Lapse of time between the formal registration and the application call, to start the treatment.
  • Signing of documents that prove their firm decision to comply with all phases of the treatment and deny the rights over the minor to be transferred to the intending parents.
  • Hormone treatment that artificially induces the ideal conditions of pregnancy in order to facilitate the development of the embryo.
  • Pregnancy test 15 days after inseminating the uterus.
  • Regular consultations.
  • Gestation and birth.
  • Recovery and health control.

If at any time during the pregnancy the surrogate mother presents any abnormal symptoms or chronic pain, she should be contacted with the surrogacy agency for assistance. The health of the pregnant woman is an important point that can concur in an abortion, if the doctor authorizes it.

The reasons that lead a woman to participate in a surrogacy program can be varied and those that carry the most weight are purely economic or altruistic decisions. This issue is sensitive and some countries only restrict the altruistic practice to avoid turning it into a business by the surrogate.

Becoming a surrogate mother is your own decision and should mostly be discussed with family members. A pregnancy implies restricting activities for consultations, rest and a more enjoyable lifestyle, in addition, collaboration from the home is needed to guarantee a healthy pregnancy, taking into account that the surrogate mother will also deserve the support of her husband and children.

Whether the surrogate is altruistic or has financial compensation, all the investments that are needed in that period will be subject to the intending parents. From clothing, medicine, food, consultation and in cases where an emergency arises, it will run on the part of the patients. The surrogate mother is committed to carrying the baby and carrying the pregnancy as well as possible. Avoiding the consumption of products that can be harmful to the fetus.

A pregnancy is a stage of emotional and physical changes that a woman must be willing and sure of wanting to experience again, in order to help a partner willing to collaborate to make her dream come true. That is the secret of a successful treatment, knowing the causes of your participation in the surrogacy program.

If a woman is interested in being part of the surrogate mother community, she should go to an agency for more information and to make an informed decision. Final evaluations will indicate your full access and subsequent participation. Every day, more couples benefit from surrogacy and it is thanks to women who want to help reduce and offer this alternative to new families, in addition to scientific advances and control of the care center in charge.

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