Surrogacy Can I have children without getting pregnant?

Thanks to the techniques of Assisted reproduction Like surrogacy, many women and men have managed to fulfill the dream of being parents.

Each case is different that is why at celagem we provide quality and completely personalized care to each of our patients.

We have a surrogacy program for those patients who cannot or do not want to become pregnant but have the illusion of being parents.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technique, in which the pregnant woman will not ultimately be the mother of the baby.

In other words, this woman will carry out the altruistic work of bearing the child of another person or couple. In this sense, the pregnant woman will only provide her uterus to maintain the pregnancy and give birth to the baby.

Intentional parent

People who require surrogacy are called intentional parents, and they will provide, whenever possible, the eggs and sperm, which will allow the future baby to be their child biologically. 

If it is not possible for the man or the woman to contribute their genetic material, the support of a donor is recommended.

Finally, the baby will be delivered to the biological parents or intentional parents, who have previously signed an agreement with the pregnant woman, who must renounce the right to motherhood.

Who can be an intentional parent?

Most people who resort to surrogacy generally require it due to the absence of a uterus or due to its malformation.

This group includes single women or men, lesbian couples, homosexual couples and heterosexual couples, that is, it is a treatment that can be applied by anyone who has any of the two mentioned indications, it should be noted that they must first be considered all the alternatives to take the one that best suits the needs of the patient.

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