How to choose an egg donor correctly?

When the couple needs an egg donation, they must take into account that there is a defined study to choose a donor that fits the physical and immunological characteristics.

The role of the egg donor goes beyond a random choice. It proceeds by custom assignment based on established parameters.

Although each specialized center has its own policy, there are qualities (which are determined by the country's law, in some cases) that encompass the procedure for choosing an egg donor, based on the recipient patient. The intentional mother also undergoes a series of tests where the necessary details are extracted. Establishing a correspondence between both results.

The characteristics to choose an egg donor:

How to choose an egg donor correctly?

  • The age required for egg donors is between 18 to 33 years old, the average age being 25 years, this age can vary with the country, and they undergo tests to verify their mental and physical state.
  • It should be pointed out that the donor cannot be adopted, since there is no complete family history and it can have consequences (such as hereditary diseases).
  • The donor must have a complete medical history. In the first evaluations, the phenotypic aspects of the donor are broken down, such as hair color, skin, body weight, height, eye color, among others. A questionnaire is carried out to find out the family history and congenital diseases. The results are analyzed with the data supplied by the recipient patient.

It should be noted that the greatest compatibility between the patient and the donor is generally sought, so that the physical features are the most similar and the child does not feel excluded in the future, this study is known as facial similarity.

  • Also the immunological traits (such as blood group), to match the donor with the recipient patient.
  • A psychological examination must be carried out. Through tests and professional help from a psychologist; In this way, the donor's mental health and all the implications are studied in depth before starting the program, as well as corroborating the reason that motivated her to join the group of donors at the medical center.
  • Gynecological study; After establishing all the previous study, a gynecological examination is carried out, which includes an ultrasound and cytology, as well as all that the doctor needs to corroborate the health of the donor.
  • The decision to which the egg donor volunteers are subjected is totally independent and under their consent. There are two types of donors.

The first group: It corresponds to donors who do not seek financial compensation, only the state or medical center covers the expenses of medicines and exams.

The second group: Corresponds to donors who volunteer and receive an extra economic benefit, in addition to the corresponding expenses.

Fulfilling all the above characteristics, a donor can start receiving appointments to implement egg donation.

Usually in the first interviews the couple has an informative talk, in which all these issues and the questions that may arise are made known. Maintaining a degree of information is important to get into the knowledge prior to the entire process, as well as to be sure of the decision that can be made in the near future.

Knowing the procedures in advance is essential to avoid false data that have an impact on poor visualization of the egg donation process, as well as seeking truthful information in certified health centers on the subject.

In most countries, there are laws where the interaction between donor-patient remains anonymous so that there is no link by either party. However, it is not the same for all countries, there are those who advocate changing the law or countries where it is already totally legal. Likewise, in countries where contact is allowed, parents can take the donor and do the respective tests to verify their compatibility.

The quality of the egg donor goes beyond the volunteer woman, it is based on choosing the appropriate medical center that provides security and confidence, establishing a bond with the doctor and making a decision as a couple, these are relevant aspects to take into account .

Remember how to choose one egg donor can determine the success of achieving a successful pregnancy.

With all the points mentioned above, the patient can get a more concise idea of what it takes to choose an egg donor correctly. It is an arbitrary process, where the deepest study gives a more assertive answer than what the patient needs with respect to the donor.

Beyond the knowledge about the donor, we emphasize that the role and the need that the volunteer covers for a patient who for various reasons cannot gestate is very important. It is a new door to the knowledge and improvement of these procedures, offering the opportunity of pregnancy to the patient who receives the fertilized ovum; being more and more a technique used, which opens the doors of many patients with the dream of living the experience of pregnancy in their own body or in the surrogacy process.

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