Egg donation procedure

Egg donation

The egg donation It is the process by which some women in optimal health and fertility conditions deliver a group of their Oocytes. This group is extracted directly from the natural reserve found in their ovaries, to be later professed and sent to an egg bank, anonymously and altruistically.

The purpose of this process is to be able to help other couples so that they can enjoy the dream and the experience of forming a family with their loved one or even individually.

Is egg donation is really generous and feasible, in the sense that the donation of these gametes does not affect, or condition at all, any future planning of the woman to continue her normal life and become naturally pregnant. Although it consists of the delivery of something of their own, valuable and genetic; the woman will not suffer any permanent or definitive loss.

Currently, there are many couples worldwide, (including the homoparental and single parents) who cannot have children, whatever their condition, there are multiple and regrettable causes that temporarily or permanently limit their intentions to be parents. Thanks to the solidarity and awareness of this condition experienced by couples, many women have joined the project of selflessly supporting the formation of new families.

A woman in optimal conditions maintains an approximate of 400,000 from birth. During this fertile period, it is determined that there are approximately 400 eggs that reach maturity, and it is these that really govern the possibility of fertilization. For this reason, in most pregnancies only one child is observed, the clear evidence that only one egg was fertilized in its mature stage.

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But as we mentioned before, there are many couples who go to medical centers for an evaluation, since they have relationships without the use of contraceptive methods, during more than a year and they do not achieve pregnancy , be it because of the man or the woman.

In this case, when the woman has problems or when it comes to the absence of the female gamete, the request for egg donation is used. An efficient and extremely important method, which integrates several benefits for the parties:

  • There is a feeling of fullness when you are a donor of this type of treatment
  • As for the couple who receive the donation, the feeling of peace and joy that fills their lives is enormous, especially knowing that they are just a few steps away from becoming parents.
  • The egg donation process is simple and painless, yet it is still worked under anesthesia to avoid minor discomfort.
  • This donation is completely anonymous, that is, it complies with strict confidentiality, so the recipients will not be able to know the donor and the donor will not know the recipients or the baby.
  • Donating eggs only requires a little rest, however you can continue your life in a completely normal way and even maintain the same sexual activity without any problem.
  • It is a treatment that has been in use for several years, being highly successful, in each of its stories.
  • By donating eggs you will receive compensation for the time, minor inconveniences and the transfer to the clinic, to make said donation.
  • You will be up to date with your reproductive, psychological and physical health, since the extraction of these oocytes must be from a woman who is in very good health.

Egg Donation Procedure

When receiving an egg donor, it is studied that the procedure is not risky for the donor or risk for future recipients, therefore, an exhaustive evaluation is carried out to rule out any problem and correctly support both parties involved in the treatment.

This exhaustive evaluation, plus the donation process, consists of 5 stages, interview, medical tests, stimulation, follicular puncture and follow-ups.

The interview:

The interview stage is used to get to know the donor, her health history and her expectations with the generous and voluntary donation. In addition, the donation process, the conditions are explained directly and any of the doubts existing by the donor are clarified.

After clarifying the doubts and the terms, the donor decides whether to continue with this enriching process. By agreeing, the donor must sign a document specifying the previously clarified terms and conditions, remember that for more information you can schedule a free consultation at Celagem.

Health Exam:

the donor receives medical attention, to evaluate her state of health, and certify that she is not running any risk, among the tests that must be performed are:

  • Psychological tests: In this evaluation we verify that this treatment is suitable for the donor, being truly aware of the voluntary help that she has taken to help a future family.
  • Gynecological evaluation and ultrasound: This evaluation allows to know if the patient is capable and ready for ovarian stimulation, which allows the extraction of a potential group of oocytes.
  • Blood test: it is done in the first instance, to rule out any disease or infection.
  • Genetic analysis: serves to rule out any possible disease in the genes
  • Karyotype: which allows to know the state of chromosomes

Stimulation process:

This phase of the egg donation process consists of a simple treatment that stimulates the production of oocytes, preparing the conditions for the next puncture phase. This process lasts approximately 12 days to be effective, it can be a treatment from home or directly at the breeding center.

Follicular puncture:

After stimulation, the donor must go to the center for the extraction of the oocytes vaginally, an extremely fast and painless process, since it is practiced under sedation, the duration is between 15 and 20 minutes, with high success rates However, the medical team must certify that everything is perfect and that the patient does not present any discomfort.


The medical team will contact the following days, to verify that everything is in order, and in the same way, the donor has all the facility to also contact the medical center, for any need or consultation.

Thus ending the total and rewarding process of egg donation, allowing many families to achieve the dream of having their own family, regardless of their impossibilities.

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