Egg Donation: Tips for Mothers

Tips for mothers: Egg donation .

When a woman has infertility problems caused by her eggs, she must resort to assisted reproduction methods to achieve pregnancy, in these cases the Egg donation uses the eggs from a completely healthy donor to be used in couples with infertility problems.

To donate eggs Women must go through a series of tests to verify that there is no risk or abnormality, then these eggs will be fertilized in the laboratory, after 3 to 5 days the embryos will begin to form and it will be time to insert them into the uterus of the woman so that she can start her pregnancy normally.

But before performing this method, mothers must accept that they want to have a child with donor eggs, there is a term known as genetic duel, It is the period where a woman must assimilate the process of having a child with genes from another person, the time to process this situation can last from a few weeks and even months, depending on the woman.

Therefore, it is totally recommended and important to feel and recognize these emotions of becoming a mother under this method, in this way, you ensure that you make a totally personal decision, avoiding further conflict in the future, where frustration and anger can affect the technique. of assisted reproduction.

At present this technique of Egg donation it has become more common, mainly due to the delay of motherhood in much of society. And as a woman or man, it is completely normal to be surprised when accepting that external help is necessary to achieve pregnancy, but knowing the causes and the procedure, the couple, the man or the woman, will be able to make a decision without regrets in the future .

In general, accept Egg Donation using any of the methods of Assisted reproduction It is an emotionally strong moment, since as mothers, we will take into account that our son will not have our mother genes.

But not everything is negative or conflictive in this situation or process, there are many positive things and many pleasant feelings to enjoy, so, in view of all these doubts, we will give a series of tips to face this situation fully prepared.

Frequently asked questions about egg donation

It is a decision not an obligation

You are the only one who can make a decision, you must know how to value your opinion always thinking about the future and how you will feel. We do not recommend making the decision at the time of the news, it is better to take the time to gather information, research multiple options and evaluate your possible ones for the particular case. 

It is normal to feel different emotions

In this situation it is normal to feel different spirits or emotions, the important thing is that you should not blame or reproach yourself. In addition, it allows all the emotions to flow so that you can think neutrally, and if it is a relationship, they must understand that both can assimilate it differently, the important thing is to support each other and choose a decision that both approve.

Seek professional help

There are several clinics that have an assistance area for these cases, they can give you tools that you can use as knowledge to face these emotions and process them. They will also bring you closer to people who were in your position, make sure you have extensive knowledge of the subject or visit Celagem to learn a little more about each service.

Do you How do I know that the donor does not have a hereditary disease?

You should know that it is one of the biggest questions of a mother, and it is totally and completely natural to have many doubts before making a decision, but it is important to know that in order to donate eggs, all donors must go through different medical studies and psychological.

In addition, you should know that there are various tests that can determine more than 600 hereditary diseases, it being unlikely that the ovum presents any alteration.

Success rates

This treatment has high success rates to achieve pregnancy, its percentage is around 80%, being effective in the first cycle.

Making a decision fully is essential, study all the options and evaluate your feelings about the process. We recommend the clinic CELAGEM for their experience, staff and sophisticated technology, so that each step is full of security. At Celagem, psychological, medical and legal units are essential on the path that will lead you to choose your best gift in life.

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