Where can I have an egg donation treatment?

Egg donation treatment

Egg donation, also known as egg donation, is one of the star treatments at Celagem, designed for couples or women whose egg quality has been diminished by different factors such as age, this being one of the most common in our patients, or Either because he suffers from some genetic alteration or they have some problem with his gametes.

However, many homosexual couples and single men also require egg donation treatment to be able to form families with children, since they lack ovaries and a uterus, the latter leads them to require the help of a surrogate mother , who will carry your baby during the nine months of gestation.

Egg donation in Celagem

At Celagem we seek to fulfill dreams, we understand the reality of our patients, that is why we have a large number of professionals and an excellent laboratory and medical facilities, all in order to guarantee a happy baby at home to our future daddies.

We are located in Bogotá, Colombia; but we also provide virtual advice, our professionals are always available to clarify all questions from patients about our egg donation treatment.Egg donation is a assisted reproductive technique Although it is not very old, it has been in the works for several years and has allowed many women and men to have children. 


However, it is taken as the last option for couples who have been trying for a long time and have been unsuccessful.

Who is my donor?

Although egg donation is a treatment with a high percentage of effectiveness and although it is carried out altruistically and anonymously, it should not be taken lightly.

At celagem we have an excellent egg donation program, women who want to be donors must first go through a series of medical and psychological tests that make them suitable for donation, this includes cytologies, blood tests, genetic tests, among others. Likewise, it must be over 18 years old and under 30 years old, since during this time its oocyte quality is optimal.If you are thinking of starting an egg donation treatment, Celagem is your best option.In this video we tell you more about our egg donation treatment

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