Main reasons why women have pomeroy or tubal ligation

The reasons that lead a woman to have her fallopian tubes tied are diverse, and they depend more on a personal decision than on a medical diagnosis. The consequences that can cause a tubal ligation are not always due to health problems, but to future decisions that the woman wants to make.

The fallopian tubes are located in the uterine cavity, on the sides of the vagina and it consists of two tubes approximately 18 centimeters long. These connect the ovaries with the uterus, and it is the main responsible for menstruation.

When a woman begins her ovulation cycle, the ovaries develop an oocyte that is transported through the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where they wait for sperm to begin to fertilize. In case they fail to fertilize in the corresponding time, they are shed from the body through vaginal bleeding.

ligadura de trompas

An irreversible decision

The function of the fallopian tubes is to create constant communication between the two areas that are most important for human fertility and reproduction. A tubal ligation consists of a small surgery that closes the tubal ligation. So the woman is sterile, and in most cases it is an irreversible process.

Any woman can opt for this procedure without the approval of third parties, although it is usually a very rare decision at an early age among the fe

male population.Some tubal ligation may depend on some alteration of the uterine system, some of them may be:

Cancer in the fallopian tubes

They usually occur in older people, where harmful cells develop that affect natural function.


It occurs when part of the endometrial material develops elsewhere, outside of the eggs. It grows and bleeds equal to the internal process. Although there is no way to get out of the body. What causes cysts that produce pain and can affect the other uterine cavity.

Pelvic inflammation

They do not usually present symptoms, and are generated by inflammation in the organs that are spread by the ovum, and the fallopian tubes. Monthly consultations facilitate their detection. This disease can cause infertility in the person.


Inflammation in the fallopian tubes. What can cause complete sterility. The woman feels pain in the lower area.

Ectopic pregnancy

It occurs when the fertilized egg travels to the fallopian tubes and stays there, growing and altering the uterine cavity, which can cause a lot of pain and rupture of its surroundings. Visiting the doctor in case of having a pregnancy symptom is essential.

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Many of these diseases can bring pain or discomfort that make the operation an effective and quick solution. Some can be treated with alternative medications, but most consist of surgeries. There are cases where they must remove the entire uterine duct. However, it is best to go to a trusted doctor.

Many of these diseases have symptoms that alert the woman that there is an alteration in the uterus or some nearby area. Inflammations and chronic pain are some of them, as there are others that do not present any symptoms. Some women use the ligament technique when after having a childbirth or several deliveries, they decide that they no longer want to continue having children, and it is considered a contraceptive method.

Tubal ligation does not prevent women from sexually transmitted diseases. The care must be the same, the only thing is that if the woman later wants to have children it will be very unlikely or they may present failures.


The consequences that a tubal ligation can trigger are:

  • Inability to get pregnant naturally. One must opt for methods such as artificial insemination or surrogacy in the last instance for the entire process that it involves.
  • Some blood vessels may be damaged or present a problem later. The intestine or bladder may also present some alteration.
  • Some women who perform it for contraceptive purposes may fail and become pregnant within a few months of surgery.
  • Pains in the lower body or abdomen.
  • The patient must know before the surgery the medications or allergies that she presents to certain medications or anesthesia. Since to perform the tubal ligation, two incisions must be made.
  • Complications after the operation will also depend on the health of the patient.

Obesity, diabetes or previous surgery are factors that can be the beginning of a later complication. The patient can be recommended to diet and exercise to appease possible mishaps.

People who choose to have their fallopian tubes tied as a contraceptive method can also choose other less radical alternatives, so that they can enjoy safer sexuality and not have an unwanted pregnancy. Some other methods are; the intrauterine device (IUD) or birth control pills.

Each person responds differently to these methods, and it is extremely important to know which one is indicated based on age and the side effects that the body can trigger. For example, birth control pills are linked to hormones.

A tubal ligation is a procedure that must be taken with care. Beyond the possible consequences, becoming familiar with the surgery and understanding the reason for the decision is critical. If the woman is in a marriage, it is essential to discuss it and reach an agreement. So that it does not cause later conflicts. And before determining it, consult it again with the trusted doctor.

Can I have children after having a tubal ligation?

In the following articles, Celagem shows you the possibilities that exist to make the decision to become a mother after a tubal ligation treatment.

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What are the consequences of a tubal ligation?