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Foods that reduce fertility

Taking care of what we eat has always been a subject of undoubted relevance; All foods contain different types of components, which can be detrimental to our fertility in the long term. That said, it should be borne in mind that if your goal is to start a family, you should not only eat healthy, but you should also analyze each of your foods.

We are going to present you those foods that you surely consume frequently, without knowing that they are affecting your fertility, and in the same way, you will also know those that do increase it.

Foods to avoid

If you want to be in perfect condition to get pregnant, you should avoid consuming the following foods or reduce the amount of them.

  • Sugar : This food, especially when consumed in excess, is difficult to eliminate, so it tends to become harmful fat, and in many cases, causes obesity. But obesity is not only an issue that affects general health, but often causes chaos in our fertile environment.
  • Fish : We are not referring to all fish in general, there are some species of fish that have small amounts of mercury, a component that affects the proper development of the fetus. On the other hand, you should also avoid consuming raw fish, since they can have a bacterium known as listeria, one of the most common causes of abortions in the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Sausages : It was announced that there are chemicals used as preservatives, which are used in sausages, these chemicals present have managed to affect the quality of sperm. For this reason, the man will have a low quality of semen and as a consequence, he will have some problems to achieve the pregnancy of the couple.
  • Processed foods : In these foods there are different elements, among them, some chemical and harmful substances, which for the time being, do not show damage to health; But this does not mean that it does not affect you internally, since it has been shown that the quality of sperm is poor in men who usually consume this type of food, so it is better to consume natural foods.
  • Alcohol : Alcohol is responsible for affecting women with their menstrual cycles, including ovulation, those who consume in large quantities, manage to increase the chances of suffering from infertility, also the chances of having an abortion.In men, the number of sperm goes down, and you may have a hard time getting an erection.
  • Caffeine: especially affects a hormone known as prolactin , which decreases the ability for a woman to become pregnant successfully. In the case of men, it does not generate any problem, on the contrary, it improves the quality of the semen.
  • Carbohydrates: This type of component affects men, especially in the production of sperm, taking into account that those men who consume a lot of carbohydrates have much less sperm than those who consume more protein.
  • Dairy products : If you consume dairy products three or more times a day, you may have fertility problems, especially in men. These products contain estrogen hormones, which affect your semen quality, and the amount of sperm.
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If you have plans to have a successful pregnancy, it is necessary that you keep within your control, a healthy diet, and if not, you should start changing your diet, since it is not only about the fertility of both, but also about the your child's health.

Why avoid these foods?

By having a diet and intake based on the foods mentioned above, your chances of being a fertile person will drop drastically, affecting your chances of having a successful pregnancy, above all, it can generate consequences such as abortions, the impossibility of pregnancies or also cases where he baby is born with low weight which leads to different developmental problems and some diseases.

Taking care of yourself is necessary, especially when the possibility of being a fertile person or not depends on us. On the other hand, and generally, a 3-month constancy, they manage to open the way to the opportunity for your body to reverse the problems caused by poor diet

Negative repercussions of food consumption that affect fertility

There are different negative consequences of having a diet that directly affects your fertility, it is generally the same for both men and women, so healthy eating should be a daily habit, especially if you want to have a child within your plans. , and it's not just about fertility, it's about health.It is time to become aware, to make the necessary changes and be able to enjoy a successful pregnancy, so when you know the negative repercussions, make a list and change your diet if necessary.

Negative repercussions of diet on women.

By having a poor diet, it is likely that you may suffer from obesity, a problem linked to infertility, however, if the opposite is the case, and you are below your ideal weight, you may not have the necessary nutrients and minerals to remain pregnant. In both situations, it is normal for the menstrual cycle to be altered, developing problems to ovulate normally.

Another problem that causes an inadequate diet before and during pregnancy is that it affects a hormone called prolactin, which, when altered, reduces the ability to get pregnant.

Negative repercussions of diet on men.

The consequences that a man has when having a bad diet are involved in the quality of the semen, affecting the production of sperm, these become slower, and putting these elements together, the chances of being able to get a woman pregnant are very low, Also another symptom linked to ingesting alcohol, is generating difficulties to achieve an erection.

If we work based on the percentage of infertility in men, a total of 40% of all cases is due to a poor diet and this can be reversed, increasing the intake of natural products and reducing those that harm you, in a time of at least three months you can reverse all the conditions caused.

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What foods help you for fertility?

There are great varieties of foods that benefit your fertility, so we have no excuses why you cannot eat a healthy diet, remember that diet is only one factor, it is important that it is accompanied by a life away from sedentary lifestyle, and without vices. Like cigarettes and alcohol, with these controlled factors you will provide what is necessary for optimal fertility.

  • Foods rich in antioxidants, which you can find in fruits and vegetables, among which yes or yes they should be on your plate are carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and blueberries, helping to quickly eliminate certain substances that can affect your sperm and eggs.
  • Oily fish and walnuts that contain omega 3, this is a very important component to achieve healthy sperm development and give a healthy stimulation to the ovulation process.
  • Include proteins such as chicken, eggs, red meat, salmon, since these foods provide us with iron, which is necessary for a woman who wants to get pregnant.
  • It is necessary to consume dairy, without exceeding, such as yogurt, milk and cheese, its contribution will help you improve the reproductive system.
  • To increase the speed of the sperm it is necessary to consume a variety of foods such as eggs, shellfish, dairy and fish, this will help the sperm to fertilize the ovum without problem.
  • To eliminate toxins and heavy metals, which are sometimes in some processed foods and alter the quality of semen, you must have citrus foods, with high levels of vitamin C, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes and kiwi, they are good options.
  • Another micronutrient, known as selenium, can be consumed from nuts and cereals, which will increase testosterone, improving semen quality in conjunction with quantity.

For this reason, it is important to have a good diet, thus achieving a successful pregnancy and gestation. As we mentioned before, most cases of infertility are solved by changing the diet we follow, this means that it is up to us to solve it, it is not only about our health, but that of our future child, in Celagem We have trained personnel to provide you with the necessary resources so that you can have a diet and control that benefits you in the fertile area.

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Foods that reduce fertility