What is pomeroy?

Pomeroy surgery or fallopian tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that aims to prevent pregnancy in women. To better understan

d the subject, it is important to be clear that the ovulation of the woman originates in the ovaries through a process called oogenesis, where once the egg is matured, it descends through the fallopian tubes until it reaches the uterus where it can be fertilized by a sperm.

In this sense the tubal ligation or pomeroy aims to prevent the passage of the egg to the uterus, in this intervention the tubes are linked and then cut separately and is considered as a permanent method of contraception of which it is necessary that the patient is completely sure to pe


rform. However, it is very common for many women to want their fertility back after pomeroy surgery has been performed; since in some of the cases these have formed a new family and want to have babies with their current partner, so resorting to assisted reproduction methods is their best option.

Assisted reproduction offers many options, but in cases where patients want to become pregnant again there are two options for pregnancy in women with pomeroy:

Tubal ligation reversal and natural pregnancy

The reversal of pomeroy is done by an intervention called tubular rheanastomosis, which consists of gathering the cut ends of the fallopian tubes by means of microsuptures and aims to recover permeability and make the egg and sperm travel through them, it should be noted that it is a complex surgery and its success is very variable.

Pregnancy by in vitro fertilization 

On the other hand, in vitro fertilization is an excellent option for couples who do not want to reverse pomeroy surgery and seek a treatment with a higher rate of effectiveness. In vitro fertilization can be performed in all types of patients, regardless of the ligature they have practiced, time or age, taking into account that age can influence oocyte quality.

Remember that in vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technique where an egg is fertilized with a sperm in a laboratory so that the process of the egg passing through the tubes is skipped and embryos are obtained that will then be implanted in the patient's uterus.

In other words, the success rate of this treatment is unaffected if there is or not pomeroy 

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Can a woman operated on pomeroy get pregnant?