How do I know if I am pregnant?

All women in the world react differently to pregnancy , from the absence of unusual symptoms, to the complete certainty of a pregnancy without prior medical confirmation.

What is safe and scientifically proven is that at the beginning of pregnancy our body begins to change, preparing to develop all phases of pregnancy.

In this process there are significant and abrupt changes. Being of great importance to be alert and to realize the news.

We must recognize that if you want to be completely sure of a possible pregnancy, you must resort to a test, which is unlikely to fail. However, if at this time you cannot get it and you feel doubtful, we will show the most common and recurrent symptoms among most future mothers.

Symptoms if you are pregnant

Lack of menstruation

Also known as amenorrhea, it is a main symptom that warns us of a pregnancy. When an egg is fertilized, the body stops producing eggs, so we will not have any more periods until the end of the pregnancy.

Tender breasts

A common symptom among most women begins with breast discomfort, tenderness, swelling, and even some pain when rubbing the nipples.

This originates due to the changes that the body undergoes, preparing to feed the future baby.

Feel tired

It is another cause that can warn us of a pregnancy, linked with feelings of weakness and discomfort which are completely natural in the first weeks.

Our body increases the amount of blood that runs through our veins, feeling greater pulsations in the body and needing prolonged amounts of rest.


Our body is preparing to house a baby, so it will work in a forced way, being normal to experience certain dizziness, the most common ones occur while lying down or sitting eating, and unexpectedly there is a movement, such as getting up quickly to go to the bathroom or answer a call.

The best thing that can be done to reduce this sensation is to perform the movements calmly, in a gentle way so that the body can respond correctly.

Nausea and vomiting

Although not all women experience these symptoms, they can usually appear in the first trimester, the causes are due to the hormones that generate the sensation of an upset stomach and the urge to vomit, being more common when waking up in the mornings.

Aversion to smells

Our sensations of smell and taste are affected during pregnancy, the reason is due to estrogen that increases sensitivity to odors, giving you unpleasant and disgusting sensations of food that you previously did not have.

All these sensations and symptoms are some signs that can indicate the existence of a pregnancy. But they are not completely safe until proven, the most effective is to take a pregnancy test and with this to get rid of any concerns.

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Pregnancy test

The simplest, safest and most accurate way to know if there is a pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test, its use is simple and easy to acquire, both in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Despite being simple tests, they are quite accurate. They have an effectiveness level between 99 to 100 percent. In fact, they are as accurate as the tests that will be performed in a clinic.

Pregnancy tests are effective because they look for concentrations of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, which is only produced when you are pregnant. These hormones are released the moment the egg attaches itself to the uterus, which means that the pregnancy has begun.

It is important to always check the expiration date of the pregnancy test, and read the instructions before use. These two points can lower the accuracy of the test. The perfect time to undergo this test is when you notice a stop in your menstrual cycle. If your cycle is irregular, the most ideal thing is that after 3 weeks of having a sexual experience, you take the test. This time ensures reliable results.

Pregnancy tests are very cheap, sometimes they are even given away when you have a check-up in your clinics, or in a health center. It can be found in any pharmacy and supermarket. It is important to buy them or acquire them from reliable sites since there is a lot of misinformation about these issues.

In case of a positive pregnancy test, always remember to remain calm, and go to a specialist, who will perform other tests and help you lead a healthy life, preparing for the birth.

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How do I know if I am pregnant?