In contrast to the present and past times, an increase in infertility in men has not been determined, which is established in an average range of fifteen% in the world population. However, experts continue to investigate many of the causes of male infertility and their possible treatments.

Male sterility is a problem that some men suffer and that makes them unable to become parents.

How can I know if I am sterile?

Many do not realize their situation until they make the decision to become parents, and with concern they observe that it cannot be carried out. Sterility in men is taken into account when they have been trying to have a child for a year, without contraception.

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In society, it is not a subject treated from an early age, since it is viewed as an abnormal and negative disability in man. But knowing both family and personal medical history is important to plan possible alternatives or previous treatments, in this way unpleasant surprises are avoided.

It is not only important to know if you are infertile as a man, it is also a priority to learn about the ways in which you can avoid being infertile in the future. Since not everything is genetic, there are environmental or lifestyle causes that can trigger sterility in men.

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Causes that trigger sterility:

Sperm obstructions

They trigger an alteration in the normal passage of semen, they can develop at a specific point (a duct), or where the seminal flow originates.

Sexually transmitted disease

Another cause can be determined to be caused by a sexually transmitted disease, which can be papillomavirus, HIV, gonorrhea, herpes, cytomegalovirus, among other possible ones.

Defective semen quality

The spermiogram is the study of semen, which includes the state of the sperm. For hereditary or environmental reasons, sperm quality is lowered, or the man may have a lack of them. Consulting with a doctor is important to determine the cause that originates it and its possible treatments.

Hormonal disturbances

Testosterone is a hormone that men begin to develop from youth. The lack of this can trigger infertility problems, which causes a decrease in semen.

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A busy life, with few hours of rest and constant stress not only affects the normal cycles of the body and diseases. Sperm are linked to hormones, these are altered by bad eating habits or a hectic life. Which leads to semen not developing properly.

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Weight (obesity or thinness)

When the body does not work normally, or lacks a balanced diet and intermediate exercise, the body's hormones suffer the consequences, developing a decrease in semen or obstructions.


Just as the years begin to leave evident signs in the body, semen tends to lower the quality or to present some anomaly that prevents procreation. Some problem that was present in youth can be triggered and cause an obstruction in the semen transport channels.

In general, sterility is not something that can be known without a previous examination, in most cases there is no pain or any indication that it suffers from some sterility pathology. Although it is not 100% of the cases, there are men who can suffer pain or inflammation in the scrotum. If an anomaly begins to be observed, it is advisable to go to the doctor immediately to know the origin of the condition.

Infertility can be treated, as long as the doctor determines it with medications or surgeries. There are also cases where it is not possible to treat it, and the option that these people have to form a family is adoption or surrogacy.

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In up to 15% of couples, there is a member of it who may be sterile, this has been shown by different studies carried out, where the male gender has had the highest percentage, and this has shown that in most cases neither of the two members of the couple is aware of that.

Now the question that comes to mind is How can I know if I am sterile?

Well, it should be known that for men it is more complicated because they do not have any type of symptoms or discomfort for which this conclusion can be drawn, the most advisable thing is to go to a professional to carry out the corresponding studies.

In the case of women as with men, if we do not resort to a specialized site, it is very difficult to be able to know exactly the state of sterility, which if it happens in most cases, is that when the woman overcomes their 35 years of age, they have little chance of being able to get pregnant.

So, if you have been trying to become a father for more than 12 months, it is advisable to go to a specialized center to take the respective exam.

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Male sterility How can I know if I am sterile?