Causes of infertility in women may be due to a number of factors such as:

  • Problems in egg production (This is due to failures in the endocrine system which can lead to an absence of ovulation, as well as ovulation at unexpected times or deficiency in ovarian production).
  • Abnormalities in the fallopian tubes (This is due to obstruction in both fallopian tubes, place of the reproductive apparatus where fertilization occurs) or alteration in the motility of the tubes.
  • Cervical factor (This is due to blockages in the form of polyps or fibroids in the cervix, an area where sperm should pass in the search for the egg or some infection at the cervical level).
  • Uterine disorders (e.g. uterine malformations, fibromatosis and endometritis).

Fertility problems from age

Time negatively influences a woman's fertility, the best conditions occur from the age of 16 to 35. as the woman's age increases, her ovarian reserve and the quality of her eggs decreases.

Psychological factor

Mood plays a key role in reproductive capacity. It is advisable to lower stress levels.


There are a lot of factors due to which the symptomatology of infertility in women will be noticeable or not, i.e. there may be cases where the woman is not aware of her infertility until fertility-related examinations are performed; some of these symptoms are for example: in the case of an endocrine factor, menstrual irregularities; or in the case of obstruction in the troops, pain or discomfort.
However there are a wide variety of symptoms so it is recommended not to wait for pain and to have established gynecological prevention appointments.

In order to assign the correct treatment, it is necessary to identify by diagnostic tests the infertility factor that the woman suffers.
These treatments range from Scheduled Intercourse, for mild infertility cases; artificial insemination, for young women with good quality of the couple's sperm; even in vitro fertilization, for more severe infertility cases.

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What is female infertility?