Testicular biopsy

It is a small surgery in which tissue is removed from the testicles and seen under a microscope. The procedure is performed with two objectives, one of diagnosis and one therapeutic, whose purpose is to determine the cause of infertility in man, as well as obtain sperm when there is absence of it in ejaculated semen.

Surgery can be performed either by opening the skin of the scrotum or by aspiration with a special needle, so local or general anesthesia is given in the area to the patient, thus not causing pain and usually has no serious complications.

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The goal is to determine whether sperm production (Spermatogenesis) occurs normally in the testicle, which allows to identify an obstructive type pathology known as obstructive azoospermia or a pathology of known secretory type as secretory azoospermia, where sperm production does not occur or sperm production does not mature.

What is it?

Basically it is a simple technique in painless as it is performed under anesthesia.   This procedure removes one or more portions of tissue using small incisions in the testicles, which are sutured with points that fall off alone or are reabsorbed.

The tissue obtained is observed under the microscope which will detect the presence or absence of sperm, as well as the study of testicular tissue, all under the responsibility of a specialist urology doctor with the support of a biologist.


It is recommended to avoid sexual activity for 1 to 2 weeks after testicular biopsy.


In Celagem testicular biopsy is indicated for patients whose seminogram shows abnormal results, is also recommended in cases of azoospermia, oligospermia and alterations in semen quality, as well as is indicated for cases of road obstruction seminal ducts, vasectomy, cystic fibrosis, or infections. and in some cases it helps to identify the state of a tumor if this is the case.

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