What is the ROPA Method?

The clothing method or also known by its acronym, as the Reception of Oocytes from the couple, is one of our newest methods for those homoparental couples of the female sex. Thanks to this method, we managed to integrate both women into the motherhood process.

It is a totally efficient and safe method, which will provide greater security and freedom to the couple throughout the process, allowing double satisfaction, since both must participate to achieve the long-awaited pregnancy. One of the women will be the genetic mother while the other will participate as a pregnant mother.

ROPA method for female partners

The ROPA method is the new alternative for couples of women , who want to face motherhood together, whatever their reasons, either by choice or for some medical reason, which prevents one in particular from being the surrogate mother.

The clothing method is one of the most moving, since in some cases, it is taken into consideration, if one of the women enters the clinic with a fertility problem. Emphasizing that while it is in the hands of your partner and our clinic, we do everything possible to provide the perfect conditions for this great reason.

If within our examinations we detect that either of the two suffers from low ovarian reserve, early ovarian failure, some hereditary disease that can influence the offspring or some failure in other reproduction techniques, we will be able to identify the problem and receive the best advice , where you can both choose the best for you and the future baby.

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This is how the ROPA Method works

ROPA is possible thanks to the inclusion and legal exception, which allows a non-anonymous donation and reception of eggs, thus being a direct reception of eggs from the couple and homosexual marriage.

The way this method works is also thanks to scientific advances, technical equipment and new technology that the clinic acquires for these types of programs. What is important during this treatment is that the participation of both women consists of two fundamental roles.

Through ovarian stimulation, we will have the role of one of the women as genetic mother .

Through pharmacological treatments, the recipient woman's cycle will be synchronized so that she can accept into her uterus, the embryo product of an IVF, developing and carrying out the pregnancy .

As we mentioned earlier, the roles of each mother , they will be recommended or supervised according to the results they present, indicated by a specialist and, on the other hand, if both are positive, it will be up to each one, during the previous appointment.

How is the ROPA Method performed?

The process to carry out the treatment by the ROPA method is similar to that of In Vitro Fertilization, and will consist of seven fundamental steps:

Ovarian stimulation:

Through a treatment of hormonal medication, the genetic mother must undergo the process of stimulation of the ovaries, where a significant number of oocytes will be obtained

Follicular puncture:

When the follicles of the genetic mother are prepared, a hormone will be administered that will cause the maturation of more than one oocytes. Then we will proceed with the extraction of the ovules by follicular puncture, an outpatient technique under sedation.


Laboratory fertilization (IVF) is carried out with the sperm of the selected anonymous donor, this will previously comply with a strict evaluation of the matching or compatibility.

Embryo culture:

The embryos will be cultured for at least three or 7 days until their transfer.

Endometrial Preparation:

Simultaneously, the pregnant mother will receive another different hormonal treatment, administering progesterone and estrogens that will allow a greater volume of the endometrium, so that it is adequate for implantation.


When the endometrium of the pregnant mother is ready, through a painless and fast process, the embryo will be transferred to her uterus. Generally, one proceeds with a single higher quality embryo, since the success rate of this treatment is quite high.

Pregnancy test:

After approximately two weeks, a blood test is carried out to determine the presence of the BetaHCG hormone, a hormone that will definitely confirm the success of the treatment and the new journey that the new family is about to undertake.

Genetics-Similar to Mothers

If the result is positive, both mothers come up with a new question, Who will the baby look like?

Embryos have 46 chromosomes, which inherit 23 from the genetic mother and 23 from the sperm donor, the physical resemblance may depend on the gene dominance However, the treatment has already chosen a donor with many compatible characteristics, so physical similarity will not be a problem.

In addition, a piece of news that will definitely brighten the day is that the pregnant mother will initiate molecular communication during her pregnancy. This particularity activates and deactivates some genes that allow a greater similarity in both members of the couple.

How long can a treatment take?

A single treatment, from start to finish, with the preparation of both mothers, can last approximately 28 days. It should be noted that the treatment is under the natural times of the menstrual cycle of both women.

Can I choose the sex of the baby?

Some couples decide not to know it until the day they give birth, others prefer to know it during the pregnancy, through ultrasounds and other couples prefer to know the sex immediately and even for different reasons select it.

At Celagem you can request PGD, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. With this method, we guarantee the sex of your baby, since each embryo will be analyzed before its implantation in the pregnant mother's uterus.

We know that the selection of the sex of your baby is an extremely important and personal decision, so our specialists will help you make that decision in a fully informed way.

ROPA method prices

Taking into account that the price is related to a standard treatment, its value can be equivalent to 6720 $ Dollars. It should be noted that our Celagem clinic does not cover in the budget, the expenses of accommodation and medicines are not covered within our budgets.

For more information, we invite you to visit our website where we tell you what services we include in the budget and the services and medications that are not included in it.

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