What is wellness?

We often tend to think that our well-being has only to do with our lifestyle; How much money am I earning, where do we live, what do we do, do we have children or do we not have them. What is really true is that our attitudes towards our reality are what influence our feelings.

The current lifestyle goes too fast, taking time to observe the world around us. Most likely, you think that the idea of reconnecting with yourself will not mean a major change if you are undergoing fertility treatment. However, you will be very surprised to learn that more and more mindfulness has become popular among women who are struggling to achieve pregna


ncy.Breathing deeply, relaxing, embracing the feeling and letting it flow is a good strategy to overcome possible emotional ups and downs during your journey towards maternity.

Mindfulness, also known as mindfulness, is a relaxation technique that is based on concentrating on the present moment and is used as an aid in many physical and mental situations. Lit

tle, this technique will help you realize that living with anxiety about the future will not be a good idea. to focus a lot on the treatment, to be thinking about what is going to happen, when will be the next medical appointment, what assisted reproductive technique will I need. It will prevent you from thinking about the here and now, and paying attention to what you see, what you hear, what you smell, things that are around you and that are more significant than you think.


Mindfulness and fertility?

When we decide to start fertility treatment, you may feel that things are out of control and anxiety can grow to the point where you feel worried about everything, fearful thoughts, anguish that if not prevented can upset your reality .

It should be noted that it is about your thoughts, so from @Celagem we recommend this mindfulness exercise.