Although at present, a large part of the scientific population has disproved some myths about infertility, erroneous information is still maintained or transmitted about the factors that involve or not this condition.

Infertility is a term that is used when a woman has tried for more than a year to get pregnant, however in these attempts she has not managed to get pregnant or has had miscarriages in the attempts.

Generally, cases of female infertility are detected by some ovulation problems, taking into account that the most frequent problems are generated by the well-known polycystic ovary syndrome or first-level ovarian failure.Other factors that determine this case of infertility may influence, but we will inform you of some myths that may be worrying you since many of them are, although they are wrong, very popular:


You must make pregnancy attempts for at least one year, before requesting a medical appointment.

This myth can only work for women who are trying to get pregnant, hormones and some other factors are different in women with a range less than thirty years than a woman with a range greater than thirty-five years and older. Women who are older than 35 years should go to their specialist doctor for at least six months of attempts to rule out any fertility problem, this also helps that worries do not affect your attempts.

Abstinence allows sperm to increase in abundance and quality.

Studies indicate that a couple of days may be more than enough to improve and make fertilization possible.

Some sexual positions increase the chances of getting pregnant.

This myth is totally false, since it has been shown that no sexual position above any has greater privilege to allow a pregnancy to take place.


Raise your legs after sex

This is one of our favorite myths since it is very funny or funny, actually standing does not prevent pregnancy, nor does leaving the legs up benefit the transfer of sperm to the uterus. He is very nice but it is not the solution.

Infertility is inherited

The error in this is that infertility generally does not originate from the genetic factor. What is true is that some inherited diseases restrict a large part of the ability to have children.

If you stop using the pills, you quickly get pregnant

After constant use of birth control pills, some women begin ovulation immediately. But it is true that most women have a small period of amenorrhea, absence of menstruation, so it is important to contact your trusted gynecologist to avoid any unwanted alteration.


Having sex every day can increase the chance of pregnancy

Totally false, sexual relations must be maintained as many times as the partner's body requires it, however, unlike men, women have more exact days where their ovulation allows this probability to increase to a totally significant number, for this, the woman is required to have knowledge about her menstrual cycle and its regularity.

A healthy, fitness and balanced life makes the process of getting pregnant easy

Certainly, a healthy life is important in women so that the conditions in pregnancy are conducive, however, this does not harm or increase a woman's fertility. Age, in this sense, is what most influences when trying to get pregnant, since after a certain age, these conditions and possibilities are reduced.

If I get pregnant once, a second one is entirely possible.

This information is also wrong, because there are many cases where a doctor indicates that the woman is in terms of secondary infertility, that is, she is unable to become pregnant a second time. This again influences the age issue.


It does not matter the weight of the woman, that does not prevent the ovulation cycle

Ovulation can be affected by extremes of weight, having a weight well below normal can cause ovulation problems, to the point that it disappears for a long period of time. The same case occurs with obesity, obesity in a medium high degree can also affect ovulation and the menstrual cycle of women. As this factor is not controlled, a pregnancy cannot be achieved or planned through the correct conditions.

The man who has proven himself fertile can be so forever

The fact that men's fertility is maintained steadily and for a long time from a young age, should not consider that fertility is infinite. On the contrary, for them there is also a time.

My favorite celebrity, I got pregnant after 40 years

Not all cases are negative, however most cases are unlikely to become pregnant at that age. Many of the famous women that we know worldwide have opted for assisted reproduction methods, to specify or carry out that pregnancy.

These are the most well-known or frequent myths of listening to hospitalization, do you know any other?

surrogate whit family

If we suspect that you are infertile, it is always advisable to go to Celagem, where we will advise you promptly on your need or your preferred doctor. Currently, infertility is a problem that has many ways out or possible solutions.

And you should also know that most couples today, treated for infertility, seek professional advice and great family or interpersonal support, and in this way and with great perseverance and patience, they manage to get pregnant.

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