5 ways to know when you are ovulating if you are looking for a pregnancy

When a couple begins family planning, it is essential to know some aspects that are beneficial and that increase the probability of a pregnancy.

The woman's cycle plays a fundamental role, which allows the sperm to fertilize the ovum without difficulty. Taking into account the aspects of this article will be a great support to become parents, without the need for outside help.

The first point that many couples need to know is that the woman in her menstrual cycle has days of greater fertility, where the chances of pregnancy are high and her body is ready to receive sperm.

These days are close to ovulation, however they are not the same process. They occur two days before and two days after ovulation begins. Instead, ovulation is the expulsion of the ovum that is in the ovaries after its maturation, beginning to descend through the fallopian tubes.

While it is in decline, the woman has the highest fertility threshold, this fact occurs on days 13 and 14 of the menstrual cycle, if the woman is regular (period of 28 days). This process occurs once a month and is the woman's most fertile moment, since the ovum is in ideal conditions for fertilization to occur, if there is no alteration in the cervix or fallopian tubes. 

The exact time of ovulation is a bit imprecise to achieve, but having a knowledge of the average days is very useful to have sex and achieve the pregnancy .

There are objective and subjective symptoms to know if the woman is in ovulation; We refer to objective symptoms with physical changes that are almost inevitable in all women, while subjective symptoms are different sensations that vary gradually with each woman.  


In this article we focus on objective changes so that you can check most of them. These symptoms can be analyzed from home:

Cervical mucus discharge

During the days of ovulation, changes in the texture and consistency of the vaginal discharge are noticed, such as the amount and color. It becomes abundant and similar to egg white, and can also be stretched with your fingers. This fact is perfect for the sperm to move easily through the cervix.

Increase in basal temperature

When ovulation occurs, the body secretes more of the female hormone (progesterone), regulating temperature to condition the body. You can buy a specific thermometer at the pharmacy. Every morning you should measure your temperature and if on the theoretical days of fertility there is an increase in temperature, it is an indication that you are ovulating

Luteinizing hormone increase

There are pharmaceutical tests that can detect the level of this hormone through urine. They are generally secreted between 24 and 36 hours before ovulation occurs. And you can detect a considerable increase that can give us a clear symptom of ovulation.

embarazo y ovulacion

Ovulation test

As well as the luteinizing hormone test, there are other tests that can be consulted in pharmacies and help to clarify if the woman is in a state of ovulation. It is important to highlight some conditions for the test to be effective:

  • Use the test at the same time each day.
  • Urinate several times before starting the test.
  • If a thermometer is used as a meter, it is important not to do physical activity to avoid tampering with the test.
  • If done consistently, you can accurately determine the days of ovulation.
  • The luteinizing test, also known as the LH value, indicates the time of ovulation, both on that day and the day after.

Cervix enlargement

When ovulation occurs, the cervix or cervix tends to rise and become softer and more open to receive sperm and give you a better chance of inseminating the egg.

There are some subjective symptoms such as a small loss of blood during ovulation, which is seen as a dark reddish or brownish color. An increase in sexual lividity is also experienced, with more intense and sensitive emotions, an example is a slight pain in the breasts.

With these data you can study your menstrual cycle and take advantage of ovulation days to achieve family planning.

If after months you have not achieved the expected result, the best option is to go to a specialist to perform different tests and determine the cause, the alteration can be caused by both men and women.

After the results, a treatment can be medicated or, on the contrary, need some assisted reproductive technique.

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5 ways to know when you are ovulating if you are looking for a pregnancy