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On this page, we aim to provide answers to some of the most common questions about the surrogacy program, also known as gestational surrogacy, and egg donation. It is important to note that the regulations and laws mentioned in this website are specific to Colombia and may differ in other countries.

Surrogacy is a widely recognized method within assisted reproduction, often embraced by couples struggling with infertility or by same-sex male duos. This process entails a surrogate mother bearing and delivering a child for another couple or individual, known as the intended parents. While surrogacy offers a pathway to parenthood for both heterosexual and homosexual couples, it comes with specific prerequisites, like marital status and meeting certain parenthood criteria.

Prior to pregnancy, a surrogate undergoes several assessments including a comprehensive medical examination, psychological evaluations, and assessments of her familial environment and support system. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate is advised to have monthly consultations with an obstetrician and regular blood tests.

To qualify as a surrogate, women must voluntarily apply and meet specific criteria. They should have previously given birth without complications, be between the ages of 22 and 38, maintain a healthy weight, and be open to ongoing monitoring throughout the surrogacy process.

While the agreement provides financial support to address the surrogate's needs throughout her pregnancy, she can engage in employment. However, it's contingent upon the approval of the overseeing physician and as long as the job poses minimal risk to the pregnancy.

Termination of the pregnancy is only permitted if the overseeing physician deems it necessary due to potential risks to the health of the surrogate mother or the future well-being of the child. Such situations are rare at Celagem, given the comprehensive screenings conducted before initiating the surrogacy process.

If the surrogate mother expresses reservations prior to the embryo transfer, the procedure can be halted seamlessly, as conception has not taken place. Should she have doubts during the course of the pregnancy, actions will be guided by the stipulations in the surrogacy agreement.

Es importante saber que el cuerpo humano es un organismo complicado y en ocasiones el embarazo puede desarrollarse de manera inesperada, aunque los casos anuales son insignificantes en comparación con las tasas de éxito de las madres subrogadas.

The health and well-being of the surrogate are paramount throughout the gestation period. As such, regular medical check-ups and tests are conducted to monitor the health of both the surrogate and the fetus. Additionally, the obstetrician tracks the fetus's development to ensure it aligns with the expected growth for its gestational age. It's imperative for the surrogate to promptly communicate any discomfort or anomalies she might encounter during the pregnancy to guarantee immediate medical attention.

After making the decision to become prospective parents, the estimated time is one (1) year and upwards between medical and legal tests to begin the process.

Once individuals decide to embark on the journey to parenthood via surrogacy, it typically takes about one year or more to navigate the medical and legal prerequisites before commencing the process.

Celagem collaborates with "Make a New Family", an egg donation bank. Our dedicated medical team will guide the selection of the most suitable donor, considering both the couple's physical characteristics and a thorough genetic assessment.



Upon initiation of the program, participants must furnish: Relevant personal and legal documents, current medical records, and proof of financial stability.
For international couples, a minimum of two visits to the chosen country is required. During the first visit, couples will consult with our medical specialists to evaluate their biological materials and harvest the genetic samples necessary for embryo creation. This visit also encompasses contract signing and handling of other administrative tasks. The second visit will coincide with the baby's birth and the conclusion of the agreement.

During the surrogacy journey, intended parents are comprehensively supported by the Celagem team. This includes medical guidance, emotional counselling, and legal assistance to ensure a smooth and informed experience throughout.

The program will be permanently accompanied by the legal department  and these are the main stages:

  1. Initial Consultation & Legal Counselling: Upon deciding to participate, patients will be advised by our legal department throughout their journey. This ensures they're well-informed from the onset until they return home with their baby.

  2. Contractual Agreements: Before the process begins:
    • The terms of all agreements will be explained in detail.
    • Patients will sign an introductory agreement, providing an overview of the program.
    • A clinical agreement will also be signed, detailing the medical aspects of the program.

  3. Surrogacy Agreement: Before embryo transfers commence, intended parents (IP) will sign a surrogacy agreement with the designated surrogate. This crucial document establishes the legal relationship between the IP and the surrogate.

  4. Post-Birth Legal Procedures: Following the baby's birth:
    • We will coordinate the baby's registration.
    • Assist in obtaining the baby's passport.
    • Facilitate DNA testing.
    • Oversee the signing of informed consents, powers of attorney, and travel permits.
      Note: The sequence and execution of these post-birth procedures depend on the legal requirements of the country where the program takes place.

Our dedicated legal team ensures that every aspect is handled professionally, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

No, it's not included. Intended parents are responsible for arranging, scheduling, and obtaining all necessary information regarding the legal process of registering their child in their home country. By default, the child will acquire the nationality of the country of birth.

We are currently present in 2 Latin American countries: Colombia and Buenos Aires Argentina.

Your dream is our passion. We stand out because we offer:

• Competitive rates in comparison to global standards.
• Inclusive services catering to all family structures.
• A track record of high success rates.
• Complete guidance from our medical and legal experts.
• Consistent communication to ensure clarity every step of the way.

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