Cinematography has reached various cultural and surreal fields, showing from the eye of the screenwriter's imagination, a diverse number of stories where we can learn and reflect. 

Surrogacy is the method by which many couples today decide to choose, to give birth, to a baby with the same genetic material as the partner or the intentional father or mother, and although it seems incredible, surrogacy also has hit the big screen, with great events from real life.

And since we are approaching the last months of the year, and you have not managed to convince yourself about one of the best decisions of your life, then, it is a time to recommend movies that may appear in your repertoire of stories about assisted reproduction. To share them in a pleasant moment as a couple or a different time on your own.

Thousands of people have opted for surrogacy, being in some cases the only method to live the experience of being parents, although at first, it can be disorienting for the vast majority. Some screenwriters have decided to document this treatment from a story based on real or fictional events of reality, trying to represent this stage of their lives.We have the best recommendation of a top five of films that without a doubt, you cannot miss, to learn in an entertaining way, the different stages that may or may not relate to you during this process.

The Donor

Film released in 2001 Whose Protagonists are: David Carradine (Mike Riordan), Florence Guérin (Sylvia) Country: United States Genre: Comedy, drama

The story centers on a heterosexual couple, who decide to implement their pregnancy plan, however, after several attempts and visits to the gynecologist, it is confirmed that the wife (Françoise) is sterile. After several recommendations, the couple decided to travel to a Turkish island to meet an incredible pregnant woman interested in their case.The film openly exposes the relationship with the pregnant woman and the gestation process, as well as the feelings of the couple as the film unfolds, however the relationship with the intended parents becomes affectionate and special, with an unexpected change.

Comme les autres. (Like the others)

Film released in 2008 Whose protagonists are: Lambert Wilson (Manu), Pilar López de Ayala (Josefina / Fina), Pascal Elbé (Philippe) Country France Genre: Comedy, drama

Manu and Philippe are a forty-year-old homosexual couple who have the desire to share fatherhood, however French law is against homoparental families, so Manu begins a single-parent adoption and asks Philippe to leave the apartment to share together.Due to various situations, adoption does not work and they decide together to ask Fina, an Argentine girl who needs to legalize her situation, to carry the baby to donate it and in return, one of them proposes marriage for convenience.It is a funny story but with difficult moments for the protagonists, who must go through unexpected situations and feelings while the surrogacy process unfolds. The pregnancy was carried out by artificial insemination. 


Film released in 2014 Stars: Rachael Blake (Emily), Lucie Debay (Melody), Don Gallagher (Gary) Country France Genre: Drama

The story centers on a low-class young woman (Melody) who wants to open her own beauty center, so she decides to become a surrogate mother with financial compensation that will allow her to fulfill her dream. On the other hand we have Emily, a single woman who has always wanted to become a mother, but developed a cancer that prevents her from gestating in her own body.To control the pregnancy, Emily asks Melody to move to the same address as her, and they start a relationship where they truly know each other. It is a dramatic story with an unexpected ending for many viewers.

A baby for my wife

Film released in 1976 Whose stars are: Barbara Hershey, Collin Wilcox Paxton, Sam Groom Country: United States Genre: Drama

It is one of the first films to be released on the subject of surrogacy. Resulting in controversy for the time due to the different opinions against the surrogate mother process.The story centers on a single woman who decides to place her son for adoption due to lack of financial resources. A wealthy family where the wife is infertile, finds out about the situation and proposes to Tish (the protagonist) to carry a baby with the genetic material of the intentional father.

Although the surrogate mother initially doubts the proposal, she ends up accepting and developing a strong friendship with the couple.

Fatal obsession

Film released in 2016 Whose stars are: Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Theo Rossi Country: United States Genre: Horror, thriller If you like horror movies, this can be entertaining and enjoyable. John and Laura Taylor are a successful couple, for them, they decide to start a family but after several attempts they must find a surrogate mother to carry out their plan and become parents.

After several interviews, they find the ideal pregnant Anna, however as the pregnancy progresses, so does Anna's obsession with Laura's husband and they must stop the plan before falling into Anna's deadly game.Although many scenes or contracts differ from reality, it is a fun way to hang out and get into the subject or the different realities that each protagonist of the surrogacy experiences, even seeing terror or comedy around the subject.These are some of the movies that currently exist on surrogacy, you can keep checking other digital sites if you want to see more about the subject. We understand that assisted reproduction can take a while to fully understand and seeing other situations will make you feel that you are not the only one.If, on the other hand, you would like to make an appointment or read about the surrogacy process, I invite you to the official page and interactive blog of the website at Clinicas Celagem.

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5 movies about surrogacy