Fertility in couples is complicated

Fertility in couples is a complicated issue when wanting to reproduce and form a family, it is classified as a complicated issue due to the fact that the reproductive capacity of human beings is low since according to studies, the average fertility in the best of the cases it goes from 30% to 35%.

This indicates that all the odds are against it, despite this, this is not the most serious problem, since having a year or more of relationships and not being able to achieve a pregnancy, it is infertility either on the part of the man or woman. And according to statistics, this happens in men in 40% of cases, that is, male infertility.

With this in mind, we define male infertility as a disease that makes it impossible to conceive a child naturally, after having intercourse for a year, at least three times a week without using contraceptives or protective measures.

Socially and emotionally it is a hot topic, this can be seen by the considerable increase in consultations on this topic. More and more people are seeking professional help to treat physical and emotional problems linked to the inability to reproduce. In the case of men, it is an issue that affects their security and masculinity, without realizing that in many cases external factors are involved that are beyond their control

. Within these external factors we have;

  • Environmental temperature
  • Radiation
  • Drugs
  • Stress
  • Stimulants like drugs and alcohol
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Environmental factors
  • Hormonal, vascular, genetic conflicts, infectious processes and various immunological factors,
  • 15% are cases with unexplained causes of infertility.

Therefore, it is important to know each of these causes in order to understand and be able to correct or avoid male infertility.

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Main Causes of Infertility in Men

These are some of the main causes that affect male fertility.

Hormonal conflicts

This cause is basically defined as Hypogonadism or Hypogonatropic, where a variation in the hypothalamus results in a decrease in gonadotropin values. This variation can be congenital and is due to a decrease in GnRH production. This disorder can be diagnosed clinically through laboratory tests that confirm the diagnosis. Hormonal conflicts are a cause with little incidence, but it is present within the cases detected.

Vascular disorders

These types of disorders alter the semen and decrease the natural production of sperm and the varicocele is one of the most frequently diagnosed causes in treated patients. It occurs when there are varicose veins in the full pampinifome as well as in the veins of the group before the spermatic cord. The accumulation of harmful substances, increases in temperature, venous reflux, are some of the causes of these alterations.

Infectious processes

It is scientifically proven that systemic infections that have a viral or bacterial origin directly affect sperm production. Recent studies give as a result a probable factor of sterility and it is the infection by Mycoplasma T.

Immunological factors

When investigating these factors, we have that 5-10% of men treated for infertility, show an autoimmune reaction to sperm, this due to two antibodies, sperm binders and immobilizers.

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Environmental factors

They are all factors related to the individual's lifestyle, within these factors we have:


It has a harmful effect that directly affects sperm in their mobility, concentration, morphology and functional capacity.


High levels can affect our hormonal system, in the case of men, it can cause sexual impotence.


All drugs have repercussions on our body and the reproductive area does not escape these effects, for example, marijuana and cocaine, which cause a decrease in testosterone, therefore decreasing the quality and quantity of sperm.

Obesity and sedentary lifestyle

All extremes are negative, therefore constant exercise can also affect reproductive function, but in the case of obesity, the risk is greater due to the increase in fat in the body that directly affects hormonal balance.


In any case, excess alcohol is harmful to health, but being specific in the case of men it produces a decrease in the production of testosterone, therefore it produces less mature sperm.

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What are the causes of male infertility?