Coronavirus in semen

Currently there are various investigations in the most important medical centers and universities globally, and it is that with respect to covid-19 there are many unknowns that still exist.

Some studies have focused on a subject, which for sure, they fail to specify. This topic would allow giving more accurate answers to the tests that have been carried out, giving as positive, the finding that the Coronavirus can be found in semen.

What is known so far?

It is known that the receptor (ACE – 2) found in the testicles is the same one that we can find in both the lung, kidney, intestine and heart, where it is known that the Coronavirus is capable of wreaking havoc. Some of the results that have remained under study show that the fact of having Coronavirus affects the speed of sperm by 50% and also affects its quantity indexes.

It should be noted that this study was carried out in an Israeli research center, with patients already recovered from the virus.

Another study carried out in a hospital in China with 38 patients, estimates that at least 16% had traces of Coronavirus in their semen, so it was possible to recognize that the Coronavirus cannot replicate in this male system. But the reason why the Covid achieves its stay in this male organ, is because it has privileged immunity, this means that the immune system cannot attack the virus in semen.

The result of this research was not surprising to the experts, the reason being that there are other well-known viruses such as Ebola or the recent Zika, which were also found in the semen of recovered and infected patients.

On the other hand, a study carried out in the United States – Miami, recognized the fact that the Coronavirus can last in semen for months , even if the patient is and considers fully recovered. And it is that this does not affect the reproductive capacity if it is a small viral load, but for people who do not have symptoms of Covid-19, it is not possible to know their viral load, so when having sex they can infect the partner and also affect the ability to reproduce.


This compromised reproductive capacity can be as high as 30 to 40%, however it is still under investigation. It should be noted that regarding these studies, the first stage has been completed, but for now, they hope to present the results of the second stage of the investigation to the public in the coming months.

Coronavirus as a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Research on this subject is still being carried out, but to date, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted as a sexually transmitted disease (STD), in the same way, they have not been able to find Covid in female fluids.

coronavirus y semen

But the fact of maintaining relationships, where contact with the saliva, objects or fecal matter of infected people is promoted, is a totally safe source of contagion. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your distance, avoid having relationships during the symptoms of the virus and likewise, avoid having a sexual relationship with a person outside your environment or where you keep in ignorance, their care regarding this virus.

Remember that you must take care of yourself and yours, maintaining the care protocol to avoid covid and social distancing. If either of the couple encounters the symptoms, they should opt for other ways to keep their connection as a couple active.

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Coronavirus in semen