Did you know that our physical and mental attributions not only depend on our DNA code? Have you set out to become a mother or father this year and have you never heard of the term Epigenetics?

If this year is definitely the one chosen to achieve parenthood, you should know that you will have a huge number of points to consider. And if they have a fertility problem for which they require opting for assisted reproduction treatments, it is essential to take into account that epigenetics will be your best strategy.

When we refer to assisted reproduction treatments, we can refer to in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination or the ROPA method. In most of these cases, patients usually require a donation of the female or male gamete, be it eggs or sperm.

This undoubtedly adds some concern or disagreement in couples, since their first thought is that the result of their treatment will not be a "completely biological child"

¿Puedo ser Gestante Subrogada?

What is epigenetics?

Why will the epigenetic factor be your best ally and your greatest strategy?

Epigenetics is the study of changes and dynamic interaction between our DNA (genes) and the environment where it develops, without necessarily altering the existing genetic code.

Its meaning of origin is Greek, where Epi means above, resulting in the name "Above genetics." These epigenetic changes can be reversible and, in turn, depend on the quality and quantity of the individual's interaction with the environment and habits.

Pregnancy and Epigenetics

Nowadays, the fact that there is a real intrauterine communication between the pregnant woman and the embryo is proven. Therefore, we want to encourage knowledge about these studies.

A mother, beyond taking care of her health during pregnancy, must take care of a large part of her habits, such as stress, food, emotions and a toxic environment, which can positively or negatively influence the embryo.


Now, if your pregnancy is thanks to some assisted reproduction treatment, you should not worry or lose faith. Since if you are a pregnant mother, even if it is an egg donation or a sperm donation, you can transmit certain behaviors or stimuli to the baby. On the other hand, the same happens for surrogate mothers, a pregnant woman must take great care of her emotions and her environment, since although the embryo is the result of fertilization of both gametes from the parents, it can still inherit certain factors from the surrogate mother.

To conclude, we know that genes or DNA are not the totalitarian factor during a pregnancy, therefore, if you are in an assisted reproduction treatment, you should not worry.

Our Fertility Center, Celagem, is in charge of carrying out each treatment under a totally scrupulous selection of gametes, in this sense, each donor undergoes different examinations where their health level, history and a choice of equivalent phenotype will be evaluated with the patients.

These scientific and technological advances allow your child to have a high probability of similarity and also enjoy an excellent health condition.

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