Exercise during pregnancy

If you have thought that being pregnant is the right state to stop exercising, and you think that sitting and relaxing will help you the most, you are wrong, and it is time to change that thought.

There are a large number of benefits granted by exercise during pregnancy, we do not mean doing very strong and long routines, of course you must adapt them and advise you to do them in the correct way, especially since it is normal for you to feel a little more tired as to start, but we help you motivate yourself thanks to our list of benefits that will help you have a better experience during your pregnancy by techniques of Assisted reproduction and even during childbirth.

Remember that it is important that you tell your specialist what you plan to do and he will be able to advise you, always have a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated, also, accompany him with a healthy diet and comfortable clothing, avoid very tight clothes. With this in mind, consider the following aspects.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

It is proven that exercising is the most beneficial for our body, as well as for our future baby:

  • It is possible to reduce pain associated with the back, constipation and bloating.
  • It will allow you to have deeper dreams, reducing the levels of anxiety and stress that tend to rise when you are pregnant.
  • Make sure you do not gain a weight that is too excessive for your body.
  • In some cases it is an important factor that decreases the probability of having a pregnancy by cesarean section.
  • By exercising, you will increase blood flow to your skin, the result is to look healthier and more radiant.
  • It is a way to prepare for childbirth, your muscles will be in shape and your heart in an excellent pumping state, which prepares you for the moment of delivery.
  • Although it has not yet been confirmed, there are some studies that stipulate that exercising reduces the chances of suffering from gestational diabetes or preeclampsia .
  • You can get back to your figure faster than normal by maintaining an exercise routine during pregnancy.

It is important that you not only start to carry out an exercise routine when you start your pregnancy, but that it is a lifestyle which will improve your condition and you will be in a better state to face this process, remember that when you start this stage it is normal that you feel more exhausted and tired than normal, but knowing the benefits you can use it to motivate yourself and exercise.

ejercicio durante el embarazo

Weather suitable for exercise

The appropriate time may vary, depending on how you have led your lifestyle before pregnancy, if you have been doing an exercise routine before getting pregnant, the best thing you can do is continue doing it but in a moderate way and instructing your doctor to I can facilitate and approve the exercises. On average, you can do 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.

If, on the other hand, you are pregnant and you are a beginner in exercising and you feel that now is the right time, you should start it gradually and not aggressively, the important thing is not to burn many calories if you do not condition your body.

You can achieve this by walking, in conjunction with aerobic exercises, with little tension on your muscles.

In the United States, the health department published information, where the most advisable and beneficial thing for your health is to perform 2 and a half hours of exercises a week, something like 20 or 30 minutes on business days and one of the tips to know that you are not straining, is having the ability to carry on a conversation when you do the exercise.

Accompany it with good hydration, eating fruits which will give you a better result, also favoring the growth of the baby, and reducing the chances that it may be born prematurely or with very low weight. Essentially, if you think it is time to change your exercise or add intensity, you should consult with your doctor to prevent a bad movement that may affect you as well as the process of your pregnancy.

ejercicios durante el embarazo

What exercises are prohibited during pregnancy?

You should feel comfortable doing exercises, and if you have any doubts about it, it is best to see your doctor so that he can advise you in your case, but the exercises that in general a doctor does not recommend, are those in which You must be face up or there are blows, in the same way we advise you not to do the following:

  • Diving, which can lead to decompression sickness in the fetus.
  • Once you exceed the first trimester of pregnancy, avoid any exercise in which you must be on your back.
  • Do not play sports that are hit or high impact, no matter how mild they may be, football, basketball, hockey and volleyball.
  • If there are risks of falls during exercise, you should avoid them, gymnastics, mountaineering or skating.
  • It is advisable not to climb to altitudes that can affect you with altitude sickness.
  • Avoid exercises with sudden changes especially if they have a high impact on the abdominal area.

In addition, exercising should make you feel good, if you have symptoms such as pain, dizziness, very fast heartbeats in the chest, you should see your doctor, which is a sign that something is being done wrong. After exercising you should be relaxed and without presenting any discomfort.

Starting to exercise is very good for your pregnancy, we recommend that you do it accompanied and without making a lot of effort, enjoy the moment, the landscape, feel comfortable with your body.

If you want to change something in your routine, consult it so that you know if it can benefit you or if on the contrary it could affect you, your best ally is your doctor who has the knowledge to help you in addition to having the results of your test and all this You can find it at the CELAGEM clinic, we strive to give you the best experience in your pregnancy.

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Exercise during pregnancy