Preservation of fertility in times of coronavirus

Preservation of fertility in times of coronavirus, interview with Dr. Nilfran Nottola, a specialist in human reproduction with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

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On this occasion, our scientific director gives us recommendations to preserve fertility in these days of uncertainty for those patients who were starting or thinking of starting a process of assisted reproduction.

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The coronavirus slows down assisted reproduction: "The emotional cost is very high because they feel that time is running out"

The emotional cost: "The paralysis has been a blow"

A treatment of Assisted reproduction is the last option for couples or single women who cannot have children naturally . "The stoppage has been a sledgehammer . Wanting to have a child and not getting it is a situation very hard to manage. The infertility it is a disease but also a barrier to a vital project ", says Helena Fernández, president of the National Infertile Network Association.

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