What is endometriosis?

The endometrium is the mucosa or cradle that the uterus conditions each month to receive a possible embryo, in some women this mucosa or endometrial tissue appears in other places outside the uterine cavity, this is called endometriosis, a benign disease that affects 14% of women of reproductive age.

It is possible that most women with endometriosis have difficulties in achieving pregnancy since this disease is frequently related to female infertility, which is why many resort to the help of assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization.

Success rate of a cycle in vitro fertilization in patients with endometriosis

The success rate of an IVF cycle in patients with endometriosis will depend both on the extent of the disease, as well as on the age or type of technique used.

on the other hand, endometriosis influences more in the reduction of available eggs than in their quality, which makes it necessary to carry out a complete and personalized study of each couple, in order to offer an individualized diagnosis.

In vitro fertilization

In cases of endometriosis with higher grades such as III or IV, in vitro fertilization is a very effective and recommended technique, also for women with unsuccessful artificial insemination processes.

In vitro fertilization, as its name indicates, is the process of fertilizing an egg with a sperm, either from your own or from donors in a laboratory, to obtain quality embryos that can be implanted in the patient's uterus.

The treatment is carried out in our clinic, this process lasts between 9 and 14 days, depending on of the protocol used and the speed of response of each patient. During it, perform 3-4 follow-up ultrasounds and measure certain hormones in the blood to verify that the growth and evolution of the follicles is the suitable throughout the process.


Whether the couple's eggs and sperm are used, or whether they are used from a donor, the success rate ranges from 55% to 61% effectiveness.

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Can I get IVF if I have endometriosis?