Pregnancy and nutrition

Let's talk about cravings during pregnancy

It is very common that during pregnancy women have the feeling of eating certain types of foods, this is called a craving, these are usually caused due to hormonal imbalances typical of a pregnant woman, in the same way they can occur due to deficiencies in some foods, what causes the body to generate anxiety to eat in other words emotional hunger. However, it is important to learn to identify what is really nutritious for our body and what is not, otherwise it could contribute to an imbalance in the diet and thus gain weight.

What should I eat during pregnancy?

Learning to differentiate nutritious foods from harmful ones can be a bit hard for some pregnant women, especially when these cravings appear; From @Celagem we recommend consulting a nutritionist who can provide you with a balanced diet as varied as possible so that you do not get bored of always eating the same thing.

Eating a healthy diet is not synonymous with depriving yourself of eating tasty things, it is about maintaining a balance in your diet, not abusing foods rich in sugars, fats, processed foods, drinks with added sugar, foods high in sodium, alcoholic beverages, among others; Remember that everything in excess is bad and your health and that of your baby will depend on your diet.

Why is it so important to eat well during pregnancy?

Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy will contribute to a good fetal development, to make you feel good during this time, it will prevent you from suffering some problems such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, risks of spontaneous abortions and above all to favor the health


of your According to the WHO, a healthy diet during pregnancy is one that contains an adequate amount of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals obtained through the consumption of various foods, including vegetables, meat, fish, legumes, nuts , whole grains and fruit.

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How should I eat during pregnancy?