Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is the assisted reproduction technique that allows us to analyze a patient's embryos to identify those that are carriers of a genetic abnormality and those that are genetically normal.

In this sense, it seeks to avoid the birth of babies with chromosomal abnormalities, discarding embryos with an abnormal diagnosis. which increases embryo implantation, while increasing the chances of success in an in vitro fertilization treatment.

For which cases is DGP indicated?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is indicated mainly as a complement to treatments of in vitro fertilization in situations like:

  • When one or both gamete donors, that is, those who provide the eggs and sperm, carry a genetic disease.
  • When one or both members of the couple have alterations in the karyotype, that is, alterations in the number of chromosomes.
  • Repeated implantation failure.
  • Miscarriages.
  • Advanced maternal age.
  • Genetic alterations or family history of disease.
diagnóstico genético preimplantacional

What are the advantages of DGP?

From @Celagem We inform our patients about some of the benefits they can obtain when deciding to have a preimplantation genetic diagnosis. 

  • The transfer of embryos with chromosomal alterations can be avoided, that is, healthy embryos are transferred.
  • The embryo implantation rate is higher.
  • The probability of pregnancy is higher.
  • Low abortion rate.
  • Low risk of births to children with chromosomal syndromes

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What is preimplantation genetic diagnosis?