Single mother

Responsible, hard-working, self-confident, but above all brave, this is how these women are who by their own choice and aware of not giving up motherhood without having a stable partner, have made the decision to be single moms.

madre soltera

Previously, women who sought the help of fertility treatments were women of advanced maternal age, between 40 to 45 years, which has changed significantly.The lifestyle has changed, women are a little more aware that they have a limited ovarian reserve and that the longer motherhood is delayed, the quantity and quality of the eggs decreases.

Today young women are also starting fertility treatment in order to be single mothers, detracting from the existence of a couple to achieve pregnancy.

These are women with stable jobs, with a high degree of self-confidence and very responsible, they do not deny themselves the possibility of having children even if they do not have a stable partner. In general, these future moms go through many questions and doubts that can make her reflect a little more on the idea.

The truth is that this desire is part of a natural instinct that the human being (the offspring) has that leads them to be a single mother rather than a wife. In this sense, having the support of the family is essential.  

madre soltera

Assisted reproduction and single mothers

On @Celagem We provide all the support and advice to these brave women who want to start this beautiful journey of being a single mother. Our specialists in Assisted reproduction recommend the most appropriate treatment depending on the diagnosis of the patient.The treatments range from low complexity techniques such as artificial insemination with sperm donation, which can be with or without ovarian stimulation, to more complex techniques with in vitro fertilization.

For its part, this new family model is increasingly accepted in society, being a single mother is synonymous with responsibility and courage, breaking with the myth that children need a father figure to bring a healthy emotional and affective balance, there is studies showing that these children are no different from others.

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Happily single mom, a personal and conscious choice