Tips to take care of your body during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most transcendental and wonderful experiences that can exist, but, despite this, its changes are not usually the most expected of the stage.

We know that the companions that never wait in pregnancy are hormonal and physical changes. Some of these changes are easily accepted, and certainly others not so much; since the mirror can tell us many different things during those nine months.

Even so, you will understand that pregnancy is a good time to enjoy the greatest virtue and nature of our female body, so do not lose focus and fully enjoy the best of this new stage, supported by excellent advice that encourages take care of your body.

Stay Hydrated.

Hydration is vital at any stage of our life. Drinking water constantly allows your body to maintain its hydration during pregnancy, as well as being fair and necessary for our tissues and organs, especially for the skin. At the very least, it is always advisable to consume two liters of water a day.

Use moisturizers, mandatory.

And if we talk about skin, every pregnancy produces the expansion of our abdominal area. As the pregnancy progresses, your tummy increases in size, which translates into a strong probability of acquiring skin lesions or well called stretch marks.

Before, during and after pregnancy, creams and oils will be your best allies, they allow your skin to remain elastic, smooth and moisturized.

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You need sunscreen.

Another way to take care of your skin is to use sunscreen frequently. In pregnancy, definitely the strongest changes are generated in the skin; During this stage there is an increase in the melanocyte hormone, responsible for skin pigmentation, and if it does not have adequate protection on those sunny days, some spots that are difficult to remove can occur.

Eat a balanced diet Obviously, pregnancy can make you show off a few extra kilos, but it is not a reason for discouragement, since our body can return to its normality and even leave you with flattering curves. To achieve your figure again, you must maintain a balanced diet, providing the adequate amount of nutrients to your body and avoiding at all costs, the consumption of junk food, alcohol, soft drinks and caffeine.

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Do physical activities.

Performing physical activities during pregnancy is essential; These activities can be recreational, low impact, or moderate intensity. During pregnancy, that little effort that you make at least three times a week can be totally beneficial.

It is proven that these small activities increase your energy, improve your mood, strengthen your body to cope with some problems associated with pregnancy, prevent excessive weight gain, increase your resistance during childbirth and reduce the time of postpartum recovery.

Sleep enough.

Exercise and relaxation techniques are some habits that will improve your sleep hours.

As the weeks go by in the pregnancy, not any position may be comfortable for you, however you can try to lie on your left side and with your knees bent, this position is one of the most comfortable during pregnancy and also allows an adequate blood flow and oxygen level for your baby.

By maintaining this routine and these habits during and even before pregnancy, your body will present itself in excellent condition. Remember to maintain the style that characterizes you and stay with what accommodates and protects you.

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Tips to take care of your body during pregnancy.