Pomeroy surgery is a surgical procedure that many women undergo in order to avoid pregnancy.

it is a permanent method of contraception which involves binding the fallopian tubes preventing the passage of the egg and the egg not being fertilized. In th

is sense the egg stays in the ovary and does not pass through the tubes, however if, a woman wants to have children again or regain her fertility, she will always have two options, the first is the reversal of pomeroy and the second is the fertilization in vitro, the latter is the most indicated since it has no conditions such as the type of ligature between another and on the contrary its percentage of effectiveness is greater.

Usually 14% of women who performed pomeroy repent before the first 14 years of ligature, and one of the big concerns is whether it is.

Can I have twins without pomeroy? 

The answer is very simple, a woman with pomeroy can have babies with the help of in vitro fertilization. In

vitro fertilization is one of the assisted reproductive techniques with the highest percentage of probability of achieving a pregnancy of twins or (non-identical twins). In the world approximately 60% of twin pregnancies originate from in vitro fertilization.

In vitro fertilization

If a woman with pomeroy is treated for in vitro fertilization, she should start with an ovarian stimulation in which the patient is given hormonal medication to produce a greater number of eggs to be removed by follicular puncture.

This will allow to obtain a greater number of embryos during fertilization in the laboratory, which will be implanted in the uterus of the patient who will choose the number of embryos to transfer, taking into account the recommendations of the medical and laboratory e


quipment. Taking into account the above, it is understood that the eggs are extracted directly from the ovary, that is, they should not pass through the tubes, so a pomeroy is no obstacle in the fertilization since it is done in the laboratory.

once the embryos are obtained they can be implanted in the uterus, thus achieving the case of a twin pregnancy. 

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If I have pomeroy can I have twins?