Online consultations

From this moment on, the Celagem fertility and reproduction clinic implements the possibility of making consultations through video calls with our reproduction and fertility specialists located in Bogotá.

Our specialists will attend to subjects related to assisted reproduction under the modality of virtual consultation and will respond to questions or concerns that may arise regarding the treatments available at the clinic.

If you already know us or it is your first appointment and you want to book an appointment, it is easy, you just have to complete the following information by clicking on the following button:

What treatments does the Celagem Assisted Reproduction Clinic offer?

Celagem is one of the most important clinics in Latin America and the world in matters of assisted reproduction and In Vitro Fertilization treatments.

Thanks to the team of specialists and their extensive experience in reproductive treatments, we specialize in the most complex cases, and we generate total confidence in our patients who want to form or expand their family.

Innovation and technology keeps us as the most effective assisted reproduction clinic, through our virtual consultation service each patient is unique and for this reason the treatments are completely personalized, our advice will allow you to find the appropriate reproduction treatment for each patient.

At CELAGEM we are ready to fulfill your dream

We are specialists in solving fertility problems, In vitro fertilization or assisted reproduction. We want to show you some of our treatments that have your first appointment totally free.



Virtual fertility and reproduction consultation in Bogotá