Specialists in fertility, genetics and assisted reproduction

We are Celagem

Latin American center of genetics and molecular diagnostics, CELAGEM, Specialists in reproductive medicine, genetics and assisted reproduction. We are characterized by our broad portfolio of innovative services in the biotechnology area with an emphasis in developmental biology, human reproduction, cell culture, and genetic therapies, to contribute to the welfare and quality of reproductive health of our patients through medical and genetics personalized accompaniment.

® Corporación Repronat S.A.S NIT: 901068002-6

Why should you choose Celagem?

Our main motivation is the happiness of our clients, we understand the reality of each of them and take their dreams personally to help them fulfill these dreams. Each patient is very important for us, which is why we offer them complete and personalized assistance, clarifying any doubts and answering all their questions, this way we create a trust bond with our clients who then become members of the Celagem family.

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    The most reliable company in Latin America in assisted reproduction.
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    Competitive prices in fertility and reproduction treatments.
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    CELAGEM application, Follow your process without losing a single detail of your treatment.
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    Specialists in assisted reproduction and fertility treatments.
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    100% personalized service.
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    Different plans, services, payment methods, and financing.

Quality comes first

As a Clinic specialized in reproductive health, we feel proud to offer high-quality service; we are licensed by the Ministry of Health and have the approval of INVIMA (National Institute for Medicine and Food Surveillance).

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Dr Pedro MartinezPedro Martínez


Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el área de Reproducción Asistida, su pasión es ayudar a todas aquellas personas que desean convertirse en padres

Licenciado en Bioanálisis

(1990 – 1995) Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela

Máster en biología de la reproducción

(2000 – 2003) Universidad Simón Bolívar

Máster en biología Humana

(2010) Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Máster en genética clínica

(2015 – 2017) Universidad de Valencia

Experto en Genética Medica

(2018) Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Embriólogo clínico, Salud Reproductiva

Acreditación para el ejercicio en laboratorios de embriología y andrología clínica (2004-2006) Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida

Director de laboratorio

Acreditación como embriólogo, andrólogo y director de laboratorio (2015) Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida

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Mask Group 1Nilfran Nottola


Médico especialista en Reproducción Humana con más de 10 años de experiencia en el campo

Programador Analista

1994- 2001 Universidad Central de Venezuela

Médico Cirujano

2002- 2005 Universidad Central de Venezuela

Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia

2006- 2007 Hospital Universitario de Caracas

Especialista en Reproducción Humana e Infertilidad

2010- 2011 Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida


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Where are we located?

Logo Celagem



8th floor, Forest Medical Center Building.

+(57) (1) 745 6614
+(57) 350 4731076


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