Can I have an In Vitro Fertilization if I want to be a single mother?

Obviously, making the decision to be a single mother is not an action to be taken lightly. Years ago, society put aside the idea of keeping a child without a father figure and for many mothers it is a not so comfortable situation. Without good, today women have faithfully made their decisions, increasingly understood and accepted in society.

In vitro fertilization single mother

The ability of a woman to educate and care for a child is undoubtedly one of the greatest perfections of nature and of the female gender. In many cases, women are forced to develop this capacity due to the absence of a partner or natural reasons.

Many women have expressed a strong desire to live the experience of being a mother, however, there are cases where the chances of being mothers are reduced to small percentages. Either because of her sexual orientation, which can prevent a natural pregnancy, the advanced age of the woman, as well as it can happen after several unsuccessful attempts, that the woman does not achieve her goal of being a mother. Another reason that today's society understands is the desire not to involve a couple in their attempt to reach motherhood.

Today, the possibility of being a mother while single is totally possible. With several increasingly accurate, safe and successful assisted reproduction techniques available, here at Celagem we show you our in vitro fertilization treatment for single mothers

, according to the woman's clinical history, age, gynecological exams and exams doctors, Our fertility specialist medical center will indicate the most appropriate and effective treatment for your case, since the choice of donors must be made by the assisted reproduction medical team to be able to guarantee the mother a broad immunological and phenotypic analogy .

Some of the treatments available to single mothers through In Vitro fertilization, may be the following:

  • In Vitro Fertilization with a sperm donor.
  • In Vitro Fertilization with sperm donor and egg donor.

In Vitro Fertilization with a sperm donor.

If you want to be a mother by in vitro fertilization as a single mother, using your own eggs, the treatment is less economical than artificial insemination and more complex. We proceed with the extraction of the oocytes, using the follicular puncture to be fertilized in the laboratory by the semen of an anonymous donor. The fact that this treatment is more complex does not mean that the success rate is compromised, which is always very high.

During this treatment the following phases are fulfilled:

  1. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation.
  2. Ultrasound and estrogen analysis during stimulation control.
  3. Egg extraction by Follicular Puncture.
  4. Thawing and preparation of the selected donor's semen.
  5. In Vitro Fertilization of the mother's eggs with the donor's semen.
  6. Culture of embryos that manage to overcome the fertilization phase.
  7. Selection of the highest quality embryos
  8. Embryo transfer to the maternal uterus.
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In Vitro Fertilization with sperm donor and egg donor.

In the event that in the clinical tests, the woman cannot present her eggs, since she has a low ovarian reserve or has a case where she cannot use her own eggs, she must resort to double donation through in vitro fertilization.

In this case, the mother needs a donor to assist female gametes and a donor to assist male gametes, which remain anonymous donors.

  1. The woman during this second treatment is only exposed to the following phases:
  2. Hormonal treatment of the Endometrial preparation.
  3. Thawing semen preparation
  4. Integration of fresh or vitrified donor eggs
  5. Fertilization of the eggs with the semen of anonymous donors
  6. Embryo culture
  7. Selection of the highest quality embryos
  8. Embryo transfer to the uterus of the pregnant woman.
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The price to be a single mother depends on the country, the necessary treatment and the assisted reproduction center where it is performed. And the chances of having a totally healthy baby with in vitro fertilization treatment as a single mother depend on several elements:

As a single mother, you must know well the cause of infertility, that is, you must have a normal supply of eggs, which increases your chances of being pregnant. If it is about not involving a partner or infertility problems with a justifiable history, that should be taken into account when going to IVF as a single mother

You must have an excellent or natural lifestyle, that is, if you consume or smoke generally, it is most likely that you will suffer miscarriages during treatment, and it may even compromise the health of the baby. You should avoid the use of alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine and avoid an extreme state of obesity or anore

xia If you already have a history of pregnancy, or have already given birth before, there are more chances of getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Do not forget that you can request a totally free appointment with our fertility and reproduction clinic where we have the specialists and the necessary technology to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

The best known factor, which is the woman's age, since the older the age, the less likely it is to get pregnant. And even women over 40 years of age, depending on their condition, are recommended to support donor eggs for in vitro fertilization to ensure an excellent prognosis of success.

In this way, we ensure that in vitro fertilization treatment is a method of reproductive assistance, totally accessible, efficient and safe, for each single woman who decides to be a mother, without the role of a couple.

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