Happy baby at home

This fertility treatments is specifically designed for individuals or couples who have been unable to conceive naturally or may have a genetic condition that they do not  want to transmit it to their baby.

Happy baby at home was established in response to the needs of our patients who aspire to fulfill their dream of having biological children through assisted reproduction techniques, such as surrogacy, without enduring the emotional and financial exhaustion that can often accompany this process. Our approach guarantees continuous treatment, wherein we tirelessly work from a clinical standpoint until a successful pregnancy is achieved, regardless of the number of processes required.

In other words, our economic model follows a shared risk approach, where the cost slightly exceeds that of conventional In Vitro Fertilization, but remains more affordable than the cumulative expenses of several treatments. With a single payment, we are committed to ensuring that the pregnancy progresses to a successful term, and we do not rest until the intended parents are able to bring their happy baby home, as our name implies.

This commitment to success compels us, as a surrogate pregnancy clinic and program, to operate with utmost efficiency, while ensuring our patients experience a healthier emotional journey. Therefore, our priority is to optimize the success rate by utilizing all available clinical tools in the field of human reproduction and pregnancy, such as the study of embryos through Preimplantation Genetic Analysis (PGT-A), thorough psychological and social assessments of the surrogate mother, egg donor, and intended parents, strict monitoring of pregnancy, and ultrasound, genetic, metabolic, infectious, biochemical tests, and medication supply from week 8.

When the delivery is approaching, our team of pediatricians, neonatologists, and obstetric gynecologists work together to ensure a safe discharge of the baby and the surrogate mother, enabling the intended parents to joyfully take their baby home.

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