How Surrogacy Works

If you have already thought about it and made the decision to start a family, whether with your partner or alone, and you are at the moment of the search, keep in mind that today with so much technology and scientific advances almost everything is possible. For this reason, in fertility issues, surrogacy is one of the many medical alternatives due to its advances in the field and its effectiveness in the process.

Surrogacy as a method of assisted reproduction is one of the best alternatives that you can find since it works through a work team, which is in charge of putting all its knowledge and experience at the disposal of couples who have the desire to form a family.

Surrogacy can in turn be carried out technically in various ways, the most frequent way is in vitro fertilization and subsequent implantation, through which the egg is fertilized with the sperm outside the woman's body and then the embryo is transferred to surrogate mother.

You ask yourself, how does the treatment work? What must be taken into account for the treatment to be successful and safe? To clarify your doubts a bit below, we present the aspects that you should take into account:

Agency search

There are many specialized fertility agencies that help future parents to focus on the search, always providing a serious place that meets the needs, meets the basic requirements to be reliable and safe.

But what must you take into account so that you choose the best option and find an affordable and reliable place? For that you must take into account the following:

  • The location of the agency, in which country it is located.
  • If you have an agreement with external clinics, find out which clinics.
  • If you meet all the medical requirements up to date.
  • Certified professionals with considerable experience in the field.
  • The type of infrastructure, from clinics that meet the minimum conditions for a good procedure.
  • If it has adequate laboratories, its own instruments, equipment and that it complies with the best health conditions.
  • What services does it offer from the legal side if it has advisers or lawyers.
  • If you have your own database of donors, either eggs or sperm.
  • How much does the procedure cost and what does it include?

Therefore, you should not make a decision lightly, since the agency must clarify all your doubts, such as carrying out the practices that are safe and that give you a good feeling and trust, since this is a process That requires a good service and of course it does not hurt, that you can contact people who have already gone through this process and can tell you all their experience, so that you can make the right decision.

Celagem It is a comprehensive clinic, which can fulfill your dream, it is a clinic and at the same time an agency or comprehensive program, which has everything in one place, with more than 10 years of experience in surrogacy processes, with a high effectiveness rate, already that has the best professionals, equipment and infrastructure, to achieve that dream that is also part of them.

Donor choice

The agency you have selected is in charge of looking for people who want and wish to help other couples to fulfill their dream, and the same agency makes the selection process from scheduling the appointment, talking with the donor, conducting medical examinations, psychological and physical, so that you can meet the requirements that the same agency has.

For this reason, if the person meets the conditions, they can start with the donation for a new or single couple who want to start the process. Clearly, the agency will have a database in case parents want to know the donor from the basics of their physical features, such as health, since every donation always chooses the best eggs or, if it is the case of sperm, always choose the most healthy so there are no future complications.

Surrogate pregnant selection

You must ask yourself, how the agencies do the selection process of the surrogate, what they take into account when choosing them, if it is possible that the couple can meet and decide.

For this, it is important to know the woman you have selected, because she has certain requirements for it to be a safe and effective process. Basically the surrogate mother is a woman who wants to help people who want a child and who for various reasons is not possible, and they give their womb to be able to do so.

It must be a healthy woman, who has had children, since it is a source to know whether or not she had complications in pregnancy and childbirth, she must be physically and mentally healthy, and when the selection is already made, the surrogate mother will also have the decision to accept or not the partner.

If the couple must agree to meet her and create a bond with the surrogate mother It is essential and the program will be the bridge so that they can meet, but, just as the couple can make the decision, the pregnant woman can also accept it or not. It may also happen that the couple does not want to create that bond and the agency will be in charge of choosing the surrogate and keeping the couple informed of the process.

It may happen that the selection of the surrogate mother is close to the couple, that is, a relative or friend, who the couple has previously consulted and communicates to the program so that they generate all possible studies so that it can decide if the treatment is possible with the person the couple has selected.

Sample collection and freezing

To start with the treatment, samples of the couple are required, whether it is the case, a sample of eggs or sperm that will be studied in the laboratory, who are in charge of choosing the best ones for fertilization. And freezing is necessary for further treatments.

Embryo formation

After obtaining the samples and fertilization, an embryo culture will be presented that can take between 3 to 7 days.

Embryo transfer

The best quality embryos are then selected for transfer to the surrogate mother's uterus through the in vitro fertilization .


After the transfer, after 10 to 15 days, the pregnant woman will take a pregnancy test to find out if it was positive or not. If it was positive, it should be taken into account that, during the nine months of gestation, the woman goes through physical changes such as hormonal, medical controls month by month to know how the pregnancy is developing, the health of the baby and the pregnant woman, the parents They will also be able to know about the process that the same clinic or the pregnant woman communicates to the couple through photos or calls if possible.

Finally, taking into account all the above, you will notice that it is a long but satisfactory process in the end, each step is important not to skip it because it can affect the success and effectiveness of the treatment, if you do not feel comfortable in any process or with the agency itself, you have the possibility of finding another that meets your expectations, do not forget that you do this to follow your dream and CELAGEM offers you guaranteed programs, a medical team that will provide you with support from beginning to end. Feel free to choose us.

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