How long does a surrogacy process take?

If you have already started this adventure of trying everything to be able to have your family, you should know and know what the necessary time is, that the treatment may take. Thus, if you chose surrogacy as the safest alternative to having a child, this process has several stages, which are necessary for everything to be successful, for this reason if you are already going to start this process, keep in mind that you are going to have to invest considerable time, so that everything turns out as you thought and in the best way. For that, keep in mind the following points:

  • The search for the clinic.
  • The agency's ability to find the right surrogate.
  • The success rate of the clinic.
  • The communication of the agency, clinic, lawyers and professionals so that everything coordinates.
  • The constancy of future parents in decision-making.

The above points are necessary and essential for you to start with the basics of the process, if everything goes smoothly it will take more or less a year, but if there are problems it could take a little more than two years in some cases.

In this way we detail the steps you must follow, after having chosen the clinic and started the treatment.The next stages are:

Donor selection

You are going to start with the surrogacy process, for that you must start with the selection of egg donors, generally they are young and healthy women who by their own decision approach the agencies to be possible candidates. For that, they must go through several filters required by the agency, such as being able to send photos and a detailed description of their personality, interests, their medical history and the reasons why they want to become an egg donor.

In this way, you can be sure that the agency does an exhaustive investigation and selects women who provide all possible guarantees from medical and psychological examinations, in order to choose the best and provide security to their patients.

For this reason, each agency has its own database for the selection of the egg donor, for this reason the same clinic is the one that provides the profiles, so that couples can know them and choose the one that seems best to them. Once chosen, the next step begins.

Pregnant selection

This next step also begins through the agency, which will be in charge of selecting and interviewing women who are applying to be surrogate mothers, the agency makes several filters, such as an interview to review the woman's profile and They can respond to the doubts that arise before the surrogacy. Surrogates must be between 21 and 41 years old and have undergone medical and psychological examinations to be certain that they are possible candidates.

Once they pass the filters, they will be in a database, which is necessary so that couples can review and choose the candidates and start with the surrogacy treatment. The profiles will be sent to the couple for them to review and decide their best candidate.

After the selection, it is time to get to know each other, a first meeting is held through a video call, so that they get to know each other and can establish a certain level of sympathy and affinity, a fluid conversation so that both parties feel comfortable and can reach common agreements in front of the process and finally both parties will decide if they are going to start this path together, to begin with the next step of the treatment.

Fertilization and transfer

In this step, the main thing is that after all the rigorous medical procedures as well as the legal contracts, the treatment is started as such, through the clinic which will be in charge of the medical examinations to facilitate the entire process. It will also set the dates and the corresponding medications to start treatment.

The treatment begins three weeks before the procedure, it begins with the taking of medications before the transfer, which are necessary to prepare the body of the pregnant woman. It is important that the pregnant woman does everything the doctor tells her to and be in constant contact and attend the necessary consultations to check if the body is responding adequately to the medications.

After that time, the assisted reproduction process begins through in vitro fertilization and gives way to the transfer of embryos that are placed in the uterus of the surrogate to give way to pregnancy, it is a quick and painless process and it is recommended that for 1 to 5 days you have complete rest after the procedure. 

Pregnancy and childbirth

After the transfer, you must wait 10 to 15 days, so that the surrogate mother can perform a blood test to know if the procedure was successful, after the news that she is pregnant is confirmed, after 4 to 5 weeks it is A first ultrasound is necessary to know the baby's heartbeat and to know how the pregnancy is progressing.Then it is necessary to continue with medical controls so that the pregnancy develops in optimal conditions. It is one of the longest stages, but it allows both the surrogate and the intended parents to create more bonds and be aware of the entire process.After nine months if there are no complications and everything goes smoothly, the delivery will turn out as predicted in the last medical visit and the doctor has scheduled the delivery date. When that day arrives, most of the time the intended parents will accompany the surrogate before, during and after delivery. After delivery, when the baby and the pregnant woman are in optimal conditions, the baby can be delivered to his intended parents so that they can start the birth registration procedures and finish the treatment.

When you hold your baby in your arms and feel that it is real, the time you have taken in the whole process has been rewarded with your baby's smile, it can be a long, complex and even exhausting process, but each step is necessary to that you can feel the joy of having your baby and start that new stage of your life, which may have taken a few months, even years, but the important thing is to be certain that you are doing it for that dream that you have pursued for years, Every effort is rewarded with the arrival of your baby and why you have chosen a good clinic that gave you the tools and hopes that everything was possible and the result was to see your child in your arms.

Celagem can make those dreams come true since you find everything in one place and the process can be shorter, but safe and successful, do not hesitate to choose us.

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