How much does the ROPA method cost?

How much does the ROPA method cost?

The best option for a treatment of Assisted reproduction For female couples, it is undoubtedly the ROPA method, this type of treatment allows both to connect in the motherhood process.

This method of receiving oocytes from the couple allows the interaction of two women in the pregnancy process, one known as a genetic mother and the other known as a pregnant mother.

What does it consist of?

The ROPA method is a technique used for couples who are female, and the reason is that it is based on receiving the eggs from one of the couples to use it in the specialized clinic, through in vitro fertilization, and then be fertilized and implanted within the couple's uterus, usually the couple as a whole is part of the process, on the one hand one is in charge of giving the egg and the other is in charge of carrying the baby, At the maternal level, the ROPA method allows create a better bond between the couple, and this is associated with a greater connection of the couple with the baby, this method also consists of making the two feel part of the process in an affective and transcendental way.

What is the price of the ROPA method?

Some of the most important aspects when performing this and any treatment is the price and the clinical center where it will be performed. Aware of this, Celagem offers you the best trained personnel to assist you with total dedication and professionalism.

Our reputation is based on the quality of our service, we have the latest technology and professional oriented to success and striving to give the best result, with full guarantee and commitment to have optimal results.

This method, as indicated above, requires an altruistic and generous donation of male gametes. At Celagem we take care of managing this program, in which we receive the gentlemen so that they are evaluated and approved for donation, the pertinent studies are carried out, whether they are blood, genetics, family and personal history, and the exhaustive study of the quality of your sperm. Through these we guarantee patients a safe, complete and professional service.

In Colombia, the ROPA method has a value of approximately $ 6,270, a treatment that is carried out from start to finish under the best conditions and with the best professional equipment.


Of course, there are different financing methods, so we have comfortable plans, in accessible installments, avoiding financially damaging our patients, especially since the ROPA method rarely gives results immediately.

Therefore, offering short-term financing plans, taking into account an adjustment according to the pocket and budget of each client, is the second best value of a reproduction clinic. The first value for a clinic is efficiency.

Something that cannot be denied is that each patient presents some different circumstance, some conditions being less favorable than others, but there are few clinics that offer the best team, not only professional but experienced, as a guarantee, providing adequate treatment and a positive result.

In this sense, if Colombia is one of your destination countries to raise your family, you must visit, yes or yes, our assisted reproduction center, Celagem .

What services does the ROPA method include in Celagem?

  • Diagnostic study, to be able to use the ROPA method
  • Transfer of embryos and freezing of those not transferred.
  • Checkups and ultrasounds are fully covered for each cycle you are in
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Reagents, cultures, laboratory services and the embryology service
  • Those embryos that are frozen can be thawed and used, in a range of no more than two years, without incurring additional costs.
  • Anesthesia, anesthesiologist fee and medications.

What services does the ROPA method not include in Celagem?

  • Drugs used for endometrial preparation.
  • Accommodations, transportation, food are included, this must be paid directly by the patient
  • If complications occur remotely, the costs for external assistance to the clinic must be borne by the patient.
  • Choice of the sex of the baby prior to pregnancy.
  • Testicular biopsies.
  • Medications for Ovarian Stimulation.

Duration of the ROPA method

The corresponding follow-up that is carried out on the patient once the clinical pregnancy is confirmed, is around 12 weeks of gestation.

After this time has elapsed, all obligations that were had with the patient will end, with the exception of those eggs that were decided to freeze, in these cases, under regulations and protocol, they will be stored and will have up to a maximum time of 2 years, giving as the date of the moment in which the embryo is formed begins.

The treatment time may be depending on the menstrual cycle of both mothers, so the ROPA method can last or take approximately 30 days.

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