How to donate eggs in Colombia?

How to donate eggs in Colombia?

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a variant of the in vitro fertilization technique. The donation process of female gametes must be completely voluntary and altruistic . And on the other hand, the treatment must guarantee donors a formal, anonymous and confidential experience.

After conducting an informative talk and a detailed study of the candidate, where it is approved that she is suitable for donation, we proceed to a next stage, which is stimulation, in which a significant amount of oocytes will be generated, where later, a small group of them will be obtained, by means of ovarian puncture.

Who do you help with your contribution?

When we consider the term "egg donation", we come to question the reasons why this topic has become popular in recent years. As well as, there is some curiosity about who we help with this type of contribution.

Currently, both men and women have achieved through a significant donation, their dream of becoming mothers or fathers. Therefore, this contribution is intended for the sole purpose of supporting the formation of a new family.

Some women who want and do not have the possibility of becoming pregnant, consider two options, in them they resort to donation or adoption, however, one of the wonders that this treatment presents is that the child may still be biological , presenting the father's genes.

Obviously, when some same-sex male couple , formally expresses an application in which they wish to form a family, both have a natural lack of the female gamete, but through egg donation and thanks to the generous contribution there is the possibility.

On the other hand, the reasons why a woman can resort to an egg donation can be numerous; Either because they do not have eggs, or because they have a low quality of the ovarian reserve, or because they are useless for procreation.

There are cases where women have early menopause (studies indicate that at least 5% of the female population develops this pathology). Some cases come for the removal of their ovaries due to tumor causes, as well as requesting donations due to diseases that their offspring can inherit. Among other situations that may arise.

The most beautiful and exemplary thing about this act is that it does not seek direct recognition or gratification. Thanks to the anonymity, the privacy of the donor and the recipient will be fully protected.

How to make an egg donation in Colombia?

Any woman in good health and who meets the requirements established by law, can carry out her donation. If you feel in good health, and you want to help a new family, you can go to a center that has the service or donation program.

For the donation, as we mentioned, your health is essential. So you must follow an exhaustive process, where you will receive an evaluation of your physical and mental health, as well as an evaluation of your personal and family medical history.

Once you approve, the next essential requirement will be that the menstrual cycles of both women, both the donor and the recipient, must be synchronized. This means that both must be synchronized in the same phases of the period, and for this, some pharmacological treatments are used that will make this synchronization possible in an effective and simple way.

The treatment can reach a maximum duration of between 8 to 12 days.

Celagem as your Donation center

At Celagem, egg donation is one of the programs that we offer in a pleasant and effective way every year. Our mission as a fertility clinic is to make possible in each patient, their happiness and their illusion of being parents.

Each goal in our patients is really special and satisfactory, since we cover a success rate of up to 90%, we have comprehensive, complete and personalized care, generating trust and inclusion in our Celagem family.

You not only have a headquarters for donation in Colombia Bogota) but we also have offices in Santo Domingo and Miami

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