I want to have a child but I have a Pomeroy operation

I want to have a child but I have a Pomeroy operation

At some point, some women or even mothers decide to have the Pomeroy operation, known as tubal ligation, done out of correct convictions, but after a few years have passed, they can and have the right to change their mind.

You should know that this change of opinion is very common and although for many it is believed as something already impossible, the truth is that there are methods, safe and with a very high probability of success, that will make you get pregnant again.

But before we start we must be clear about what a fallopian tube ligation is. The fallopian tubes are those tubes that women have and that are responsible for joining the uterus with the ovaries It is the area where the famous fertilization occurs, in other words it is the place where the sperm fertilizes the ovum to start the embryo process.

What is the Pomeroy operation?

It is a surgery that is responsible for closing the passage through which the sperm are mobilized to fertilize the egg. In addition, it is the most effective method to prevent pregnancy.

In the process, it can be cauterized, cut a few centimeters or ligated with a clear objective, that the tips of the tubes do not rejoin. As it is a very effective contraceptive method, it is the most recommended only for women who have already been mothers and are certain that they will never have more children.

But undergoing the Pomeroy does not mean that you can no longer have children, today many women find themselves in these circumstances, and changing your mind is not bad, but they will have many doubts, above all they have the great unknown of whether it is possible to return. to have children and the answer to this is Yes.

There are assisted reproduction methods that are very safe, with a high probability of getting pregnant and with very capable professionals who will give the results you expect. The method we are referring to is in vitro fertilization " IVF "

Achieve pregnancy by in vitro fertilization method

As we already know, the surgery of the Pomeroy avoids fertilization, but what it cannot prevent is that the woman continues her normal menstrual cycle, the fact that you have had your tubes tied does not mean that we will have menopause, so our ovulation process is present, and it is exactly This is the reason why we can opt for the Assisted reproduction .

The in vitro fertilization process is one of those with the best chances of success to get pregnant, it is a process in which the patient is given some medications to stimulate the production of eggs, these will be extracted and placed in a laboratory dish together with the sperm, to fertilize the egg.

These will be located in a place with the ideal climate for the embryo to begin to form, after 3 to 5 days have elapsed, the specialist will implant the embryo in the Mother and monitor its progress.

There is another process, less effective and known as tubal ligation reversal, in which a surgical intervention is performed to unite the two ends of the fallopian tube, it is an option that is less likely to be successful, because It is possible that fertility will not be recovered, it is a method for those women under 38 years of age, and in which there may be different risks such as; bleeding, infections and complications that come from the anesthesia that is administered.

The best thing for these cases before making a decision is to be properly informed, perform all the tests that are requested and have doctors trained to attend them, so we recommend you come to Celagem Not only do you have qualified and prepared personnel to attend to any case, but we also have state-of-the-art technology to have the best results, our clinic is recognized for our ability to solve any case and for our unconditional advice and support throughout the process.

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