What is IVF with donor eggs?

In vitro fertilization with egg donation 

In vitro fertilization is one of the most widely used assisted reproduction techniques in the world to help people who have problems conceiving pregnancy to fulfill the dream of having children.

In many cases these people do not have their own eggs, in the case of women it may be due to advanced biological age among other factors, or in the case of men because they naturally do not have ovaries for the production of eggs.

In any case, in vitro fertilization with donated eggs allows these people to achieve their illusion of being parents.

What does it consist of? 

It is a fertility treatment, which seeks to fertilize an egg with a sperm in a laboratory to be implanted in the patient's uterus, with the difference that instead of using your own eggs, those of a donor are used . 

It is very common for patients to feel a little frustrated when making the decision to undergo IVF with a donor egg.

Although the baby will have the father's genetics, the father will also have the genes of the egg donor, which in some way could make her feel excluded, the truth is that this should not be a negative factor and she will be the carrier of her baby and you can live the whole experience of motherhood, giving birth to your child. 

Egg Donor Characteristics 

It is important to emphasize that egg donors are healthy women, who have had to undergo a series of medical examinations that make them suitable for donation.

Such as psychological tests; to rule out any type of mental illness that may be inherited by the baby, likewise blood and genetic tests, to rule out any congenital or sexually transmitted disease, in order to guarantee the health of the future baby. 

The above ends up being something very positive for the person or couple who wants to start this treatment, since they can be sure that their baby will be a healthy child in reference to the donor's eggs.

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