In Vitro Fertilization for Lesbian Couples "ROPA Method"

In Vitro Fertilization for Lesbian Couples "ROPA Method"

Any woman, regardless of sexual orientation, can access motherhood, yet some realities can be a bit overwhelming.

Although it is totally true that every woman can access motherhood, there are unfortunately many requests from women who for different reasons cannot conceive, whether for medical, genetic, pathological or natural reasons; For this, together with science and technology, pioneering techniques and treatments have been implemented in the new capacities and possibilities of reproduction.

In the case of natural factors, we well know that female homoparental couples are harmed, since without the support of a male gamete, it is not possible to give rise to fertilization, therefore, whatever the treatment of choice, it is necessary the donation of an anonymous sperm donor. For these cases, female couples have four options at their disposal, it should be noted that as a first step they must assist with professionals who provide the best care, optimal service and complete advice.

Reproduction techniques for lesbian couples.

The first two techniques available to you as homosexual couples, allow one of the women to achieve pregnancy. In the event that both want motherhood, there is no legislation that prohibits both from undergoing the treatment, however, it is not at all recommended that as a couple, both remain in the gestation process

Natural insemination

This technique is the one with the least medical intervention, there are different inseminations, one for those women who do not have any pathology that prevents natural fertilization, and another for women with some fertilization difficulty that simply requires hormonal stimulation.

Artificial insemination

This technique, on the contrary of the natural one, requires ovarian stimulation, during that time, the clinical center must evaluate the follicular development, once it culminates, ovulation must be induced that allows the fertilization of the donor's semen with the ovum itself.

In vitro fertilization

In case of a major fertility problem, the most recommended treatment would be IVF or fertilization outside the body, that is, the ovules of the pregnant mother are extracted by follicular puncture and once captured, they are sent to a laboratory for the respective fertilization together with the sperm of the donor in a supervised way and then the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the future mother.

Clothing Method

The ROPA method, unlike the methods described above, allows both women to participate actively during the process. This method maintains the same factor as IVF or in vitro fertilization, only in this case, there must be three participants:

  • The genetic mother
  • The pregnant mother
  • The sperm donor.

The ROPA method consists of the extraction of the ovules of one of the patients, which we define as the genetic mother. Secondly, there must be the availability of sperm donation, previously evaluated and selected for its results in blood tests and its phenotypic resemblance.

Finally, we proceed with the fertilization of the patient's ovum with the donated sperm. Once fertilization takes place, the best quality sperm will be transferred to the uterus of the patient's partner, that is, the pregnant mother.

Once these steps are completed, a blood test is carried out in the following days, where the results of the intervention will be announced.

The success rates of this treatment incredibly high, in addition, the little one thanks to the selection can be born in optimal health conditions.

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