How much does an In Vitro fertilization cost?

Everything about In Vitro Fertilization (

IVF) The In Vitro fertilization technique is one of the most consulted and requested treatments by couples with infertility problems. In turn, In vitro fertilization is one of the most complex treatments in assisted reproduction techniques at a medical level; For this and other reasons, fertilization can vary in prices according to its requirement or condition, but it is usually one of the techniques with the highest economic value. Here in this article we answer this question: How much does an In Vitro fertilization cost?

Prices of an In Vitro fertilization

This treatment is a technique with high success rates, where the accredited success rate is 60%, it consists of the union of the egg with the sperm carried out in the laboratory, in order to obtain embryos already fertilized to transfer a healthy embryo to the uterus maternal, in order to complete the cycle and evolve it to achieve an assisted pregnancy.

An egg is sought in order to stimulate the production of more oocytes, in order to obtain a greater number of embryos, since the greater the number of embryos, the greater the probability of becoming pregnant.

The general price of this treatment can exceed $ 12,000, depending on several factors, such as the healthcare center, the type of condition and the ideal treatment. However, there are different factors that influence your budget for IVF treatment.

At Celagem, the prices for In Vitro fertilization are the cheapest and most accessible in Colombia and Latin America, and we are also recognized for the high quality of our treatments and services in fertility and assisted reproduction.

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What are the factors that influence and alter the price of IVF treatment?

  • Transportation: One of the cases that arise in the economic sphere and that affects the budget for an In Vitro fertilization. If you are outside the country and want in vitro fertilization treatment, the transfer has a fundamental cost to take into account, since most couples who enter are from other countries, however these costs are not included within the prices of in vitro fertilization, patients manage their transport and accommodation costs, if they want any recommendation they can request it from our staff.
  • Accommodation: The stay is another expense that the couple must include in the budget if they want to do it in a country other than their nationality. If it is done in the same country, the stay does not represent a problem at all.
  • Medications: There is a wide range of hormonal medications which are under the direction of the in vitro fertilization specialist gynecologist, who prescribes the best appropriate treatment for each patient according to their reserve and ovarian status.
  • Study and evaluation of the patient: The treatment includes the evaluation of the patient, where they must show the impossibility or difficulty that the woman has to carry the pregnancy to term.
  • Follicular Puncture: It is a surgical intervention aimed at obtaining the eggs that are found inside the follicles of the ovary. This stage includes admission, anesthesia and intervention. Where they must comply with a rest and recovery.
  • The culture media, process and treatment of the IVF laboratory: It is one of the most important phases and therefore its price remains just as relevant. This phase occurs after extraction by follicular puncture; and it is recognized as one of the most sensitive to the point that any alteration can compromise the development of the embryo and hence affect every probability of success.
  • Blood pregnancy test: After completing the most complex phases of the treatment, the clinical center must perform the respective blood pregnancy test, to certify the success up to the moment of said attempt.
  • Psychological support: Throughout the process, the assistance center recommends couples assist with professional psychologists on the subject, where they can learn to cope with this process. And in this way assess your state of mental health.
  • Ultrasound or ultrasound: In this step the success of the treatment is certified, once the embryo has been accepted in the mother's womb, the process becomes a comforting and clearly visible stage.

Types of In Vitro Fertilization

Contact us for up-to-date pricing and details of the different In Vitro Fertilization treatments.

IVF with own eggs and father's semen

IVF with donor egg and donor sperm

IVF with own eggs and sperm donor

IVF with donor egg and sperm from the intentional father

Vitrified ovules

Number of attempts to achieve a full-term pregnancy

The chances of success in this treatment have always been based on excellent numbers, however there are some cases where the treatment is not successful or effective for any condition presented in that attempt.

At Celagem we guarantee pregnancy, ask our advisors right now who will help you with the process and answer all the questions you have regarding In Vitro fertilization treatments It is clear

that the best way to evaluate the real budget of an in vitro fertilization, is to establish the healthcare reproduction center, the country and evaluate which is the ideal treatment for the condition that each patient presents

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