Ten things you should know about the ROPA Method

Ten things you should know about the ROPA Method

Today we are part of the new family models, according to their variations, science and our Celagem clinic, has innovated to offer each of these families the possibility of fulfilling their dreams, of motherhood and fatherhood.

When receiving a same-sex partner, whether male or female, we have the ideal answer. In the case of a female partner, our foolproof method will always and definitely be the CLOTHING.

This technique is a variant of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). The ROPA comprises a series of elements, which undoubtedly make it totally interesting and effective. So if you and your partner are looking for a new family member, you can’t miss the top ten things about CLOTHING:

The ROPA method is used and employed in female partners

The reason is that both can be an active part of your child’s development and growth. On the one hand, one is in charge of delivering the ovum and, on the other, the couple will be in charge of carrying the baby’s growth within her.

The ROPA method requires altruistic collaboration

From a man who wishes to donate his gametes, in order to help those who by their own methods, do not achieve pregnancy.

Studies are done to choose sperm

When choosing the sperm, various studies are carried out to select the healthiest ones and during the process, each of the stages will be kept under extreme surveillance, in order to achieve the result that future mothers expect, in this case.

The sperm donor will always be anonymous

The specialized place will be in charge of carrying out the necessary studies to find the one that best suits the characteristics of the couple.

Both mothers contribute in physical traits

As for the resemblance of the child, it will not only be physical, but by participating both during development, the child can develop behaviors. However, this will depend more on the mother who has the strongest genes and those will be the most likely that the baby has.

Ten days later the pregnancy test will be done

Once the embryo transfer has been carried out, there will be ten days as a reference. After this time, the mother will have to take a pregnancy test to verify the success of the method.

Preparation of both mothers simultaneously

The times must be simultaneous when preparing future mothers. Since simultaneously with the donor, the preparation of the mother who will carry the baby must begin.

Age influences success rates

The chances of success of getting pregnant with the ROPA method are high up to 35 years of age, until that age the numbers are very in your favor. As for patients over 35 years of age, on average, they only have a 40% success rate

It is not possible to choose the donor

Since they are acquired directly from a sperm bank, evaluated for the ¨optimal matching¨ by our Celagem specialist doctors, it is anonymous and 100% confidential.

This treatment consists of six steps,

Stimulation of the ovaries of the woman who provides the oocytes, selection of the sperm donor, follicular puncture, in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, pregnancy test.

At Celagem we choose the best method to offer you new opportunities, you will have at your disposal the best specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, experience, attention and answers during each stage.

You are just one date away from becoming a mother, how much longer are they going to wait?

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