Egg donation who is the biological mother?

Egg donation

Egg donation is an assisted reproductive technique that consists of in vitro fertilization of donor eggs with the sperm of a patient and obtain good quality embryos that can be transferred to the pregnant patient.

Generally, this treatment ends up being the last option for some couples, since it turns out to be a very difficult decision, especially for the future mother, since it involves the eggs of another woman. However, she can be the pregnant woman and give birth to her future child.

In many cases these people do not have their own eggs, in the case of women it may be due to advanced biological age among other factors, or in the case of men because they naturally do not have ovaries for the production of eggs. 

In either case the in vitro fertilization with donated eggs allow these people to achieve their illusion of being parents.

Who is the biological mother in an egg donation treatment?

It is very common to find questions such as who is the biological mother in an egg donation treatment? The truth is that 50% of the baby's genetic material will be from the egg donor and the other 50% from the father or whoever contributes the sperm. In this sense, whoever carries the baby will not transfer genetic material to the child but will be able to live the experience of motherhood like carrying their baby for nine months and will give birth to their child.

For their part, these couples can feel confident regarding the quality of the embryos since the egg donors are healthy women, who have had to undergo a series of medical tests that make them suitable for donation.

Such as psychological tests; to rule out any type of mental illness that may be inherited by the baby, as well as blood and genetic tests, to rule out any congenital or sexually transmitted disease, in order to guarantee the health of the future baby.

From Celagem we share this beautiful experience:

“Thanks to egg donation, my husband and I got pregnant with the most precious girl in the universe, and on the first try. We have 4 more embryos left and we are already thinking of giving our little Valeria a baby brother.

The good thing about egg donation is that, although I am already 43 years old, my embryos are healthy and strong, in accordance with the age of the donor at the time of donating.

Valeria, in addition to changing our lives and filling us with joy, taught us that what a family does is not genetics, it is love.