Pregnancy treatment for lesbian mothers

Pregnancy treatment for lesbian mothers

Assisted reproductive treatments are a range of techniques that benefit thousands of couples seeking to start a family. The different alterations that have always existed, gave the basis to the doctors to look for alternatives that allow them to develop the pregnancy in their own body, or with the genetic material of the future parents.

Family models have also changed, being essential other methods that give the opportunity to gestate in their own body.

In the case of women of the same female sex, there are 3 ideal methods to achieve the long-awaited pregnancy.

It is essential to know if the country of origin approves these methods, knowing the legislation of the country, and the opportunity that assisted reproduction techniques provide to each of the couples who need them, since it is not yet common in most countries. .

The most used methods are in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination (AI). That at first they were designed for homosexual couples, but with the growth of homosexual families (it only includes lesbian couples, since gay couples necessarily need a pregnant woman) a treatment is designed only for lesbian couples. The CLOTHING method (Reception of mature oocytes).

This method allows the couple to be equally involved in the process, each participating in a phase until the gestation is completed, and culminates with the birth of the child.

Before moving on to the techniques of Assisted reproduction It is important to highlight that a sperm donation is necessary for all the techniques, which will be chosen in the same assisted reproduction center, since most of the time there is a sperm bank.

It may also be the case that the chosen center is affiliated with a sperm bank. For the selection they are governed by compatibility with the mother who donated the egg, ensuring that there is a higher percentage of success. In addition, the little one does not feel excluded from the future family.

The treatments that a lesbian couple can choose to carry out family planning are:

In vitro fertilization (IVF):

This technique consists of ovarian stimulation, where mature eggs are extracted to fertilize them in the laboratory with previously chosen sperm. Later embryos develop that are transferred to the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman will be chosen depending on the health status of the two women.

Artificial insemination:

This treatment can be performed when the pregnant woman does not have an alteration in the fallopian tubes. A control of the woman's menstruation cycle is carried out, to inseminate the uterus at the exact moment and the pregnancy develops. This does not need surgery, and the person can return to their daily activities.

For both treatments only one of the women is needed, and the decision will be made by the doctor if one or both have any signs of infertility. Similarly, both must be married and sign the initial contract.

Reception of mature oocytes (ROPA):

It is exclusive for couples of the same female sex, since it allows both to be present in the process and be participants. One will be the one that will provide the mature eggs and the other will be the pregnant woman of the baby.

  • The first woman will undergo ovarian stimulation, to extract them and be fertilized with sperm. This will be done through follicular puncture.
  • The second woman It will be the recipient of the embryos and their subsequent fertilization that will give rise to birth. The choice will be made by the couple, as long as it is supported by the doctor in charge of the preparation.

Both people must undergo hormonal treatment, one to develop a greater quantity of eggs and their quality, while the other treatment is so that the pregnant woman can correctly receive the transferred embryos.

These are the methods that lesbian couples can use, being the CLOTHING method the ideal, since it is carried out together, being a desire of many couples, to get to live this experience together.

The ROPA method can be seen as an egg donation by one of the women, however this is not the case. The laws of each practice are different, and the latter is seen as the sharing of genetic material between the couple, being a bond of union in the couple.

Today, family planning for lesbian couples has improved, and there is an increase in homoparental families. Being a tool to include all people and their type of family in society.

In the same way, it is important to have a lawyer to know the procedures associated with the legal part of the minor, which are similar to the adoption procedures. Being a great step for many couples that are part of society, and of which it is important to offer inclusion and respect.

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