Self-Care Guide for Patients # 1

Self-Care Guide for Patients # 1

It is important that you actively participate in actions to take care of your health, therefore, we invite you to read these general recommendations.

At CELAGEM, our reason for being is you.

Dear Patient: The following are different ways that you can get involved in taking care of your health.


  • Make sure that healthcare professionals and support staff identify you by your full name and surname.
  • You must know the name, surname and profession or occupation of the people in charge of your health care.

Hand washing

  • Hand washing can save lives. Make sure you know the correct way to do it and require healthcare personnel to wash their hands prior to your care.


  • Express your questions and concerns. You have the right to ask questions of anyone involved in your medical care.
  • Make sure all professionals involved in your care have your important health information. Don't assume that everyone knows everything they should know.
  • Ask for a family member or friend to accompany you if required (someone who can help get things done). Even if you think you don't need help now, you may need it later.
  • Know that "more" does not always mean better. It's a good idea to find out why a test or treatment is needed and the ways it might help you. But it is also possible that you would be better off without doing it.
  • If you are screened, don't assume that not giving you news indicates that all is well. Ask for the results yourself.

Your safety is our priority: Some of the strategies that CELAGEM has to take care of patients

  • Correct identification: Always identify yourself with your identity document. If you are a national patient, with your citizenship card. If you are a foreign patient with your immigration card or passport.
  • We prevent the risk of falling: if you have a condition that limits your mobility or if you identify a risk condition that could cause a fall, let us know. We are attentive to offer you the safest conditions for your attention.
  • Safe use of medicines: we have a pharmaceutical service that supervises and controls the conditions of the medicines. If you have doubts regarding the use, frequency or risks, your specialist doctor will be attentive to solve them. Follow the instructions for use and report any special conditions you notice when taking it.
  • Clear, respectful and responsible communication. We have different communication channels with our patients. We are attentive to answering your questions and offering you the best guidance and support in your process.
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