Can surrogacy fail?

The success rate of fertility treatment is one of the questions that arise in the process, since there may be mishaps that delay or complicate the treatment as such, but also in the vast majority, the cases have been effective and safe. Of course, treatment in some cases may not be successful on the first attempt, and the couple may have to start the process all over again.

They are possibilities that the same doctor or specialist knows and should clarify in the consultations with their patients, because the result is expected to be successful, but sometimes the surrogacy can fail in the attempt. This will help couples to be prepared both physically and mentally if something happens and have to start the entire treatment from scratch.

Why can surrogacy fail?

Surrogacy is a treatment for couples or single people, who have some difficulty having children, either due to a medical condition or infertility, both for heterosexual couples, the same sex or single (as), surrogacy is that step for achieve the impossible in specific cases.

For this reason, surrogacy is an assisted reproduction technique, since external agents are necessary to achieve fertilization, therefore, after performing all the medical examinations, and it is clear what type of treatment is indicated for the couple, start Throughout the embryo fertilization process, the semen and ovule samples will have been previously collected and analyzed in the laboratory, so that the embryo is later implanted in the uterus of the selected surrogate who will carry out the pregnancy.

All of the above is a surrogacy process for a couple who specifically need an external person to carry the pregnancy, they manage to do it, but along the way it may result that the woman has an abortion and the pregnancy is interrupted, or some health condition and has To stop treatment, these are some of the cases where surrogacy may fail and treatment is interrupted.

What to do if surrogacy fails

As we have mentioned previously, surrogacy may present inconveniences in its own treatment, that the pregnancy is complicated, and the most opportune decision depending on the case is to stop the process and the pregnancy cannot continue.

If this happens, the couple may be demotivated, there is sadness, mixed feelings, which are normal since there is a hope, a longing, a dream of starting a family, and they feel that this dream has been postponed again or that it is not possible. I managed to comply. But all is not lost now CELAGEM You will have an accompaniment to get to the causes of why the treatment failed, and give the couple relief and solve together what needs to be done again so that the treatment can be given in the best way.

The clinic must take the necessary samples, to find out what could have happened in the process and why it was not satisfactory. Some failure in the ovum of the intentional mother or the donor, in the semen sample or some complication that they did not perceive in the pregnant woman, but without blaming anyone, this failure should be taken as something positive to improve the process and the treatment same.

Can I redo another process?

Of course, you can try the same treatment again, or whatever the doctor who is treating you suggests, if the first procedure did not work, it is necessary to start the whole process again, both samples, to retake all medical controls to to know the health, physical and mental state of the couple, even of the pregnant woman who could not continue the pregnancy, a study to know again the quality of the donor eggs or the intentional mother, every little detail makes a big difference and can change the process for the better.

The clinic itself will go back to studying the entire detailed process, to find the reasons why the treatment did not turn out as expected from the beginning, and if after the study the results do not present major complications, the treatment and the intended parents could be resumed. They will have the possibility of fulfilling their dream, perhaps this time the pregnancy if it becomes possible and this will be one more experience to tell and in nine months they may be contemplating that miracle of life that they have waited for and longed for so much.

Undoubtedly, any process can have complications, which are very unlikely since the cases of effectiveness are greater, but cases may occur, where the surrogacy treatment is not given in the first attempt, for this reason we must not lose the horizon , you must always have the best disposition to face adversity, in a positive way, hand in hand with professionals who will support you in times of difficulty, who will find the best alternative through their own knowledge and experience, to always find the best solution and have the peace of mind of trying again if it is the case, and in CELAGEM All of our programs are guaranteed, so we won't stop until we see your dream of having a baby come true and you return home to your new family.

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